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The TiVo guy with the smile that never fades, our iconic remote with the colorful buttons, the ability to pause your favorite scenes to make a meme or two; these are some of the things that TiVo users have grown to love about us. With Instagram’s ability to capture any moment and share it instantly, our fans have found yet another way to outwardly express this love and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it! Whether your picture is for a good chuckle or to warm the heart, we want to see it. Continue to post these pictures, and tag #tivo in the caption because we’ll be on a constant lookout. In fact, after browsing through countless #tivo pictures we were somehow able to narrow down a few of our favorites that we are excited to share:

Photo Credit: Instagram user abbyproctor

Photo Credit: Instagram user rainanphyll

Photo Credit: Instagram user raffesalvadge

Photo Credit: Instagram user premiumivy

Photo Credit: Instagram user csbolt84

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