TiVo Announces Tim Tebow as Brand Ambassador

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We are proud to announce that as of today, Tim Tebow is teaming up with TiVo as our new Brand Ambassador! Naturally, we are beyond thrilled to have him. Being a philanthropist, a unique player, and a kid at heart with a love for good television, Tim could not have been a more perfect match for TiVo. In an effort to tell the “TiVo Story”, you will see Tim and TiVo on all platforms, working together to spread the word about our brand, and what makes it such a well-rounded player.

Be sure to check out our exclusive interviews with Tim. You’ll find out what TV means to him and why he thinks TiVo makes TV about 1,000 times better. Also, check out the Q&A part for some fun banter and to see Tim Tebow just being Tim.

We are also having some fun on social with this. For every new TiVo Facebook fan, we will be donating a dollar to the Tim Tebow Foundation supporting children with disabilities for up to $25,000. Once you’ve managed to help us help a great cause, reward yourself by tweeting #1000xbetter on Twitter for a chance to win one of ten prizes, autographed by Tim Tebow himself.

Stay tuned for a ton of great content coming out of this partnership. TiVo subscribers will also enjoy the exclusive “Tim Tebow Zone” TiVo Premiere Collection, highlighting Tebow’s favorite shows, movies and recommended content for kids from TV and the web.

For more information, and your next step in learning about Tim Tebow and TiVo joining forces, visit www.tivo.com.

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  • Walter Hopgood

    Sorry – TiVo is now promoting a man who, along with his work with Focus on the Family, demonizes gays and lesbians. Long time customer here (from the original box in 1999) but won’t be for much longer.

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