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The season four premiere of the popular sitcom left fans with many questions, ending similarly to the narrative format of JJ Abrams’ “Lost.” Fans shouldn’t worry though – this season will remain in the present and revolve around building up Gloria’s character as a mother to her first offspring with Jay.

Here are a few questions that we want to ask:

  • Haley is officially going to college. Will she make a guest appearance on the show like Sandra did on “The Cosby Show” when she was at Princeton or still have a relevant presence?
  • Lily is starting kindergarten. Known best for her viral video of telling off the “Modern Family” cast at the 2012 Emmys, will her character turn into a trouble maker? (video here in case you haven’t seen it yet!)
  • Luke wants to give up on magic. What will Phil do about this?
  • Mitch and Cam still need to adopt a baby; how will they overcome the new obstacle to obtain one?

Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9PM on ABC.

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