Making Multi-Screen “Friendly”: Enhancing the Subscriber’s Quality of Experience

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Posted by Steve Christian, VP of Marketing, Verimatrix

Last month at IBC, TiVo and Verimatrix announced a partnership that will enable operators around the world to provide a fully integrated video experience for their subscribers. This is surely very exciting news for operators, who will now be able to better protect their revenue streams across all devices through the integrated security features of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS). But what is the impact of the partnership on the average consumer?

It’s actually more significant than you would probably anticipate. While content and revenue protection are often perceived to be somewhat murky and complex areas by the consumer, the ability to properly secure and protect content dramatically impacts an operator’s ability to obtain premium content for its subscribers. Content owners simply will not license their content to operators with inadequate content protection strategies for fear of piracy or other misuse. So having a robust revenue security solution in place helps ensure that operators will be able to offer their subscribers full access to the content they crave, and on their preferred device.

It’s the ability to offer a seamless content experience as you transition between devices that serve as the talisman of a truly “friendly” (and ultimately successful) multi-screen service. There shouldn’t be any gaps between what you can see on the big screen and what you see on the small screen – what you see delivered by traditional cable and satellite networks and what you can access on your iPad. It’s when a subscriber experiences differences and gaps – undermining the sense of a comprehensive service and the quality of experience (QoE) – that the incentive for seeking other sources may get triggered.

Piracy or other forms of content misuse are not always driven by the desire for monetary gain. Often times, the consumer is not seeking to profit from misappropriated content. They simply want to be able watch what they want on their preferred device, and either do not have the ability to legitimately do so, or are limited in the quality of the content that is available. To head off any tendency of honest consumers to stray beyond the branded service offering, it’s important to ensure harmonized content access and rights management. That’s what Verimatrix strives to offer within the TiVo Everywhere experience.

In the same way, the sense of a cohesive service offering is greatly enhanced when personalization of that service – something for which TiVo is justifiably famous on its set-top PVR devices – extends across to the second and subsequent screens involved. Increased personalization of content interfaces, especially as choices proliferate, has a dramatic impact on the subscriber’s QoE. It stands to reason that if content can be shared across multiple devices, so should personal preferences.

Partnerships like the one between TiVo and Verimatrix are helping making optimized multi-screen services and increased QoE a reality for a generation of TV viewers who demand more from their pay-TV service provider. By facilitating seamless and secure video consumption, we are empowering operators to offer subscribers a truly “friendly,” high quality multi-screen experience. Some might even describe it as powering the multi-screen of the future.


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