Fall Update for TiVo® Premiere DVRs


We are pleased to announce the newest software release (version 20.2.2) for TiVo Premiere, Premiere XL, Premiere 4, and Premiere XL4 (Premiere Elite).  Boxes will automatically receive the update over the coming weeks.

With this update you will find new versions of the following screens (if you are using “HD Menus”) – Season Pass Manager, To Do List, History, and My Shows for Multi-Room Streaming.

(If you are using “SD Menus” you can switch to HD by going to TiVo Central > Settings > Displays > Choose TiVo Menus.)

Season Pass Manager

We’ve updated the Season Pass Manager screen, and added some new features:

  • Season Passes that don’t have any episodes scheduled to record appear in gray
  • When a Season Pass is highlighted, information on the right side of the screen tells you:
    • If there are conflicts that will prevent some episodes from recording.
    • How many episodes will and won’t record
    • The current Season Pass settings (New only, Keep at Most, Keep Until, and Start & Stop time)
    • Season Passes can be re-ordered by entering numbers using the buttons on the remote control
    • When you re-order your Season Pass list, it will automatically update to show if there are any conflicts

Press SELECT on a Season Pass in the Season Pass Manager to see a new screen that lets you modify your recording options and see the upcoming and conflicting episodes.

User tip: To quickly get to the Season Pass Manager, press the TIVO button to get to the TiVo Central screen, and then press the 1 button.

To Do List

The updated To Do List has four different views (which can be seen by pressing the red C button on the remote)

  • “will record & conflicts” – includes all shows that will record in the next two weeks AND any shows that won’t record because all of the tuners are busy recording other shows at that time (indicated by a red X)
  • “conflicts” – all shows that can’t be recorded because all of the tuners are busy at that time
  • “will record” – only includes shows that will record
  • “all” – all individual recordings, WishList matches, and Season Pass shows; including those that won’t record because they are duplicates, not new, or have reached your keep at most setting

User tip: To quickly get to the To Do List, press the TIVO button to get to the TiVo Central screen, and then press the 2 button.


To get to History, go to TiVo Central > Manage Recordings & Downloads > History.

There are three different views of the History screen (which can be seen by pressing the red C button on the remote)

  • “all” – all shows that weren’t recorded or were deleted
  • “conflicts” – only shows that weren’t recorded because all of the tuners were busy at that time
  • “deleted” – only shows that were deleted from the DVR

My Shows for Multi-Room Streaming

We’ve updated the My Shows list you see when you view another networked TiVo Premiere in your home.  You can press PLAY when you highlight a show in this list, and it will immediately start streaming.

You can also change the recording settings on this networked DVR as well as set up new recordings.  From the screen that shows the episode, you can modify the Season Pass or recording options.  You can also use “Explore this Show” to find other shows to record directly on that networked DVR.

Parental Controls replaces KidZone settings

This update removes the “KidZone settings” that were previously available in the SD Menus.  If you used KidZone, we recommend you turn on Parental Controls instead.  Go to TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Parental Controls to set up a four-digit code, and specify which TV and movie ratings will require that code to watch or record.

A few more things

  • In the Grid Guide, if you press LEFT to highlight a channel number and then press SELECT, you will see options like “Add to favorites” and “Remove from Channel List”.
  • From the channel cell in the Grid Guide, press LEFT to go back in time.  The channel cells will move to the right to indicate you are looking at shows that have already aired.
  • Press RECORD when you highlight a show in the Discovery Bar to quickly set up a Season Pass.
  • Press PLAY when you highlight an “In My Shows” item in the Discovery Bar to immediately start playing it.
  • You can now name your DVR by going to Settings > Remote, CableCARD, & Devices > Name this DVR.
  • Help screens have been updated
  • “Set Up a Manual Recording” is now an HD screen.
  • Some new games appear in TiVo Central > Showcases & Apps.

More Updates Coming

This update will be available to all TiVo Premiere boxes purchased from tivo.com or a retailer.  If a cable company provided your TiVo Premiere box, they will notify you when the update is available.

We hope you enjoy the latest installment in our series of TiVo Premiere updates.  If you have feedback about your TiVo experience please email me at margret@tivo.com.

We look forward to bringing further updates to your TiVo Premiere in 2013!


Margret Schmidt is Vice President Design & Engineering, and has been responsible for the user experience of TiVo since 2001.  You can follow her @tivodesign

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