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We’re excited to announce the new TiVo Stream! You can watch your favorite recorded shows on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The TiVo Stream works two ways – stream recorded shows anywhere in your home, or load up your shows to take with you on the go!

 “Finally, consumers can have the flexibility they have long demanded by enjoying their favorite entertainment content anywhere – be it at home, in the air, or on-the-road,” said Jim Denney, GM and VP of Product Marketing for TiVo Inc. “With the launch of TiVo Stream, we are ushering in a new era of flexibility, empowering our users to watch their recorded entertainment regardless of location. The ability to quickly and easily stream content to second screens like smartphones and tablets via the TiVo app helps TiVo users get even more from their TV-watching experience.”

 Wondering how the stream works? The TiVo Stream allows you to watch your shows on the go two ways. One option allows you to download recordings from your TiVo Premiere DVR for viewing later outside of the home, using your TiVo app. It takes as little as 15 minutes to download an episode of your favorite show! You’ll be able to enjoy whatever you download whenever and wherever you like – without internet! Don’t want to waste your storage space on your devices? Option two has you covered – use the TiVo Stream to instantly watch any of your recorded content by connecting your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone to the same wireless network as your TiVo Stream. You’ll be able to do this in your home without interrupting normal television viewing.

So, make your dreams come true! Soak in the tub while eating bon bons and watching Don Draper work his magic.

Okay, those are our dreams…where will the TiVo Stream take you?


TiVo Stream Specifications and Requirements:

  • Compatible TiVo products:
    • TiVo Premiere
    • TiVo Premiere XL
    • TiVo Premiere 4
    • TiVo Premiere XL4 (previously Premiere Elite)
  • Inputs: Gigabit Ethernet, 12v DC power
  • Dimensions: 4” x 4” x 1.05”
  • Weight: 0.3 pounds
  • Requires wired connection between TiVo DVR and wireless router (Ethernet or MoCA)
  • Requires one or more iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch devices running iOS5.1 or later
  • Requires free TiVo App for iPad, iPhone or other supported device
  • The TiVo Stream incorporates TiVoGuard for Mobile, a CableLabs-approved content protection technology


The TiVo Stream is now available through and coming soon to most Best Buy and Magnolia Home Theater stores, with an MSRP of $129.99. For more information on the product, please visit

Full details in our press release.
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Showing 8 comments
  • William Smith

    Will there be support for Android phones/tablets?

  • Stephen Conant

    Do you seriously believe people are willing to spend another $130+ for this feature? Seriously? This should’ve been included in the TiVo Premiere software for free, and the functionality should live on hardware inside the TiVo box, not in yet-another-device-to-connect-to-my-system … VERY disappointed!!

  • Steve Bode

    What about Android smartphones like my Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

  • Terry Blanchard

    Sorry to hear that it won’t stream when you are away from home. Was hoping for a Tivo replacement to Sling or Vulkano.

  • Ted Dehmer

    What about android? There are other products out there besides Apple. Apple’s fine if you want their hand in your pocket all the time.

  • Tom

    I’ve been buying TiVos since 2001 (I have three). My last purchase was a TiVo HD which has all of the basic features of the Premiere including everything this article suggests such as wired Ethernet built in. Will this swanky new product support my EXPENSIVE device? NOPE. Could you imagine Apple coming out with a new Apple TV and only make it work with the past two models of Macs? Do they expect us to buy a new TiVo every two years?

  • William Byrd

    You are aware of the MILLIONS of tablet owners out there who don’t swing in the Apple direction right? I personally own 2 tablets, neither of which run iOS. When will the Android and Windows 8 compatibility be rolled out. I guess until then I’ll have to continue using my home brewed solution which involves the TV desktop app, direct show dump, VLC a web server and some scripts until someone at TiVo realizes that the world does not revolve around Apple and that Android/Windows 8 users have money too.

  • Tom

    Dear Tivo, I feel the price of $129 for TiVo Stream is unreasonably high. In an era of Roku, D-Link boxes under $70, it seems outrageous you would charge your loyal customers for a feature that should have been built into your systems years ago. The same could be said for the ridiculously high price of $399 for a lifetime subscription, which would take 30 months to break even on . . . this for a system already 15 months old. Once again, TiVo seems to be turning the screws on its most loyal customers rather than growing revenue by going on and getting new ones. -Tom McDonald, 10 years +

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