Fall TV is back! Do you remember how your favorite shows left off?

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Fall TV is finally back! Here are a few season premieres we can’t wait for! CAUTION: spoiler alert!

“30 Rock” – Thursday, October 4th – 8PM EST – NBC

The show’s seventh and final season will start right where it left off. Jack is officially divorced from Avery and Liz Lemon will be having a child. Though we will not witness a pregnant Liz, we will see her character finally mature and accept the future. We’re most excited to see what cameos Tina Fey gets together!

“Dexter” – Sunday, September 30th – 9PM EST – Showtime

If you can’t wait another 10 days, you can watch the season premiere’s first two minutes online through Showtime. Last season, Deb found out about Dexter’s vigilante killings. We knew this would happen eventually, but now we finally get to find out how Deb, and Dexter, handle this. After a stellar sixth season, Dexter Morgan returns, this time with a new challenge – how to control himself from harming his own sister.

“The Walking Dead” – Sunday, October 14th – 9PM EST – AMC

 Rick has officially become the alpha leader of the gang. When Shane came back from the dead after being murdered by Rick, we learned that all of the “survivors” are technically infected – it can happen to anyone. Fans can look forward to Rick’s showdown with “The Governor.” We know we can’t wait!

“Modern Family
” – Wednesday, September 26th – 9PM EST – ABC

The season premiere was last night, but we just wanted to make sure everyone set a Season Pass for this hilarious and heartwarming show.

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