Summer Nights are Looking Grimm

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With two weeks still to go before Labor Day, it seems that summer is starting to wind down and fall is creeping in. Sam Adams seasonal Octoberfest has replaced Summer Ale on tap, pumpkin-flavored coffees and cakes are hitting store shelves, and NBC has already kicked off their fall television season with the premiere of Grimm, which aired Monday night.

After a storybook recap of season 1, the premiere picked up just where the finale left off in May: Nick fighting Kimora (the man he believes to have murdered his parents); the “woman in black” revealed to be Nick’s (previously presumed dead) mother; Juliette in a coma from being scratched by Adalind’s (a hexenbiest, or witch) cat; Monroe (a Blutbad, or werewolf) and Rosalee (a  Fuchsbau, or mouse) working together to find a cure for Juliette; and Hank trying to process what he saw when he ran into Monroe as a Blutbad in the woods. But, we also met a brand new baddie in the form of a Mauvais Dentes – a horribly dangerous saber-toothed tiger creature who is on the hunt for the Grimms.

Monday’s episode – and Nick’s mom – set up this sophomore season as one that will become a heavy history lesson on the Grimms as well as the powerful and much sought-after coins that first appeared in episode 13, “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau.” Tellingly setting the tone not just for the next episode but possibly the entire season, the premiere ended with a tease for the story “to be continued…”


Grimm will air on Monday night for four weeks before settling into its regular time slot on Friday, starting September 14th. Schedule a TiVo Season Pass to make sure you don’t miss any of the fairy tale.

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