Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe Still Live On Thanks to TiVo

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We noticed something recently, something popping up again and again on our Twitter feed, and in our TiVo data. Remember Stargate? SG-1, Atlantis, Universe – the whole shebang. Well, we’ve noticed that people are watching again, and though the series – and franchise – is officially over, there is still a lot of love out there for the sci-fi phenomenon.

We love this kind of stuff! And we didn’t know so many of you missed Jack O’Neill and Daniel Jackson as much as we did! What is so interesting about this is that Stargate isn’t exactly easy to find on the schedule these days. Airing on Syfy in the 2am and 5am hours, it’s not like the networks are exactly promoting the syndicated airings.

This means that people like @gemsFamily (Watching Stargate Atlantis – The Shrine in HD on TiVo Premiere XL) are seeking the defunct series out on their TiVos, hungry for more! Our season pass info from this very week tells us that Stargate Universe ranked #262 on our list, and both Universe and Atlantis were in the top 500, with SG-1 not far behind. Not bad for a cancelled sci-fi show on at 2am!

As @DanielLarious put it, “Watching the final episode of Stargate Atlantis. Oh why was this cancelled 🙁 “ We know the feeling. What about you? Do you miss John Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay? And what other shows are you seeking out in the midnight hours? We’ll add them to the list!

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  • Chris

    Couldn’t agree more. My wife and I were die-hard fans from the second season of SG-1 and didn’t miss an episode all the way through the series and finale of Universe.
    Take this article from GetGlue that was posted just 6 months ago Stargate Universe was #1 among men for the first half of 2011 (using check-ins from GetGlue). Nielsen ratings (the reason shows like this are eventually canned) would have you believe that SG:Universe wasn’t even on the radar.
    We’ve watched as so many of our favorite shows come to an abrupt and unfortunate end. Thank god for reruns and TiVo!!

  • TBragado

    I am a huge Stargate Atlantis fan and even though I have the entire series on dvd I find that I will watch it on TV whenever and wherever I can catch it. This series should never have been canceled. It had just won the People’s Choice Award shortly before it was canceled. Now tell me how that can make sense? Atlantis could have gone on for ten seasons easily just like SG-1. I think all of us fans would love to see Atlantis come back. Until then, we will keep it alive. Thanks

  • Steven Wallace

    I still to this day do not understand why they cancelled Stargate Atlantis or even killed the Franchise. I miss Atlantis the most. It had so many great characters.

  • Kelly Szentgyorgyi

    I LOVE Stargate. Watching the reruns on Syfy channel for SG1 and SGA, and in syndication for SGU and SGA are a treat. Thanks, TiVO, for the information on the season pass. Nice to know that Stargate fans are still actively watching the reruns. 🙂

  • George Tavoularis

    OK, so now the question remains: Who will finally make an offer to MGM studios to help license the Stargate franchise & bring it back from the dead? Both “Stargate: Atlantis” & “Stargate: Universe” were left unresolved. Movies were supposed to be made to bring SG1, Atlantis & Universe together. I personally vote for online streaming & digital copies made available over the internet. Companies like Tivo, Netflix, & Hulu should pitch in on production costs, which they will easily turn a profit on, considering how popular this franchise TRULY is. The Nielsen ratings are bogus, they don’t count online savvy viewers. If anyone wants to help join the cause to save Stargate, they can show their support here:

  • Laura Brown

    I have been in withdrawals ever since SGU was cancelled. I’ve also held off buying any kind of DVR device, because it didn’t need one, and the prices keep coming down. Well, CONGRATULATIONS! I think I’ve bought my first TiVo!

    Hallowed are the Ori!

  • Vincint Zangari

    I dropped premium cable because of Sci-Fi changing their name and dropping great shows like SG1, SGA, SGU, Farscape, Lexx, etc…

    I have bought all the DVD Boxed Sets for all the seasons of each of those shows. I will watch them syndicated on Fox or FX or what ever network has the show, but I will never again subscribe to premium cable just to have the one station that USED to carry good programming…that’s a think of the past…

    I LOVED SGU more than any other SG franchise, and I LOVED Farscape just as much…it’s a shame that good programming has to die for people to unite in showing their support. If network ratings for shows had taken into account all the people who streamed shows like SGU, they would have seen that the ratings for shows like SGU had great followings, but because of the night of the week and times these shows were on, most adults and teenagers could not be up to enjoy these excellent shows….I really hope someone else buys the rights to the SG Franchise…

  • Jeremy Griffin

    I love everything Stargate…. Syfy would not live without it…. They only love money…. Not the support of the fans….

  • Blake Linton

    Stargate Universe is immensely popular among millions of early product adopters who have liberated themselves from the bonds of traditional television schedules and viewing. Unfortunately, the Nielsen ratings didn’t count them, so the show was falsely believed to be unpopular. Thank you TiVo for helping us fans prove otherwise! Everyone, please join the fight to get this magnificent series back in production:

  • Karla Korkodilos

    Although I already enjoyed the Stargate series, it wasn’t until SG:U that I took the show seriously. It had a lot of the late and lamented Battlestar Galactica’s grit and choppy movements, and an excellent storyline. I was completely captivated, and *certain* that with the exceptional cast they had gathered it was going to be a long-running hit. Man was I disappointed. So, if there is any way we can save Stargate, let’s do it, and count me in.

  • Russ Whaley

    I can’t say much more than what has been already said, so I will simply add my support to what has been said above. If the shows come back, I will wholeheartedly support them as a viewer. I choose to spend my entertainment dollars on outlets that give recognition and credence to science fiction as a viable genre. Thanks for listening, and thanks, TiVo for your support!

  • Alvaro

    Stargate will never be over!
    Stargate will never die!
    Along as I draw breath I will do everything in my power to see new stargate!
    Who ever brings stargate back will be haled as a king!

  • MIKE

    I never liked stargate…except for the movie. Finished rewatching ST Voyager n didnt know what to watch next. Gave SG Universe a try and I’ve been hooked. Looking ahead I see there is only 2 seasons. I cant believe a show this good has been cancelled after only 2 seasons. Great actors …many of them …a truly addicive tv show… first the event then V now this(in my timeline)…unfair really unfair.

  • Laura Weging

    Is there no GREATER Series, than SGU? The story MUST go on,. I watch an episode of Stargate EVERY NIGHT, so it gets counted. Sy-fy cancelled a show for wresting? A science fiction channel? Really, talk about FAIL! Epic really. I’ll always be a Stargate fan, I remember staying home with my 6 year old son, to check out this TV show based off a movie we both liked. Here we are 13 years later, and there’s ALWAYS been a Stargate on. What were they thinking? Ummm duhhh BRING BACK STARGATE!

  • Michelle

    I am not surprised that in February 2012 people are still yearning to see Stargate return. My favorite was the original, but I liked Atlantis too. Why is the Sci-fi (yes, Sci-Fi, not the gay Sy-Fy) channel so stupid??!! Those shows are awesome!! I was afraid to watch SG-1 after Richard Dean Anderson left, but they made that transition work soooo well. Now all I get are my reruns late at night. Still enjoying this well-written, well-cast show. Wake up Sci-Fi!

  • Wilson

    The cliff hanger at the end of SGU was extremely unfair. I’ve been a huge fan oh SG1 and absolutely loved SGU, but now I find myself cancellin my cable because I don’t really watch anything else but the news.

  • Neb

    All of the Stargate series were awesome! why MGM ever canceled them is well, no idea but they shouldn’t of done it. someone needs to turn around and ask MGM to fire it back up!

  • Thomas

    Hell yeah, It was so frustrating seeing Stargate Universe get canned! Yes, it took a different direction than it’s predecessors, but overall it was great show with a great cast. Maybe one day SyFail will will bring it back instead of promoting wrestling.

  • daniel

    why don’t they go to another t.v channel if they can prove that people will watch stargate then they could get stargate back on in no time i am watching s.g.a for the 3rd time this year alone but if they would perhaps move over to a British channel like the show Merlin has been bought by the Americans to broadcast on American t.v why can’t stargate do the same?

  • Shannon

    Al I can really say is that SGU became my all time favorite show and I have never been so disappointed to find out a show was cancelled. I was a fan of Atlantis as well but SGU made me want to do something…I couldn’t just sit back and let it go. And that’s when I found out that I wasn’t the only one who was saddened over the fact that such a great show could just be over just like that. So I thank you TiVo in supporting us fans and acknowledging the fact that the show DOES have a fan base. I hope that this helps in getting the networks attn because I sincerely believe that this show deserves to be brought back and finished properly.

  • Chris

    I started watching Stargate Universe on Netflix streaming and really liked it. There were so many references to previous series that I started watching SG1 and Atlantis. Still think Universe is my favorite. Glad to hear I am not the only one discovering a new appreciation for this show. Hope a renewed interest will help push the studio to bring it back or start a new one.

  • mmichaelc

    Michelle the Sci-Fi network was bought by NBC which cancelled Star Trek back in the 1960’s need I say more on that.
    We need the “Space” channel from Canada it’s a great Sci-fi channel from what i’ve read online about it. The channel show’s the old Sfi-Fi shows along with the newer shows too ! It would be great if we could replace the Sy-Fi channel with Space !

  • Rodger Phillips

    Did not there was much Gate Love out there?
    I guess the folks at the various Save Stargate web sites have not been loud enough

    Stargate is a hit all around the world, and is still run in Prime Time on The SciFi Channel Australia
    I still have all 2 Seasons of Stargate Universe sitting on my Foxtel IQ box
    and I own the Season One DVD Set…

    Stargate may be gone for now, but it is most certainly not forgotten

  • Rodger Phillips

    Oops, missed a word
    it was meant to read
    “Did not know there was much Gate Love out there?”

    Sorry about that

  • Steve

    SGU Truly amazing show. Please someone bring it back!

  • Ryan

    Bring back sgu and sga, i love this show

  • stargate diehard

    They Shut The Gate on us they shut it because all they cared for is money i will never let the execs have the satisfaction of money in the idea of alternate realities i have already killed them and i shall show them that no one shuts the gate on the SG seris

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