TiVo® Premiere Q and TiVo Preview: The Perfect Family of Set Top Boxes for Cable Operators’ Whole Home Video Solutions

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Just in time for The Cable Show in Chicago, we’ve announced the TiVo® Premiere Q DVR, TiVo’s first quad-tuner DVR, and the TiVo Preview box, our first non-DVR box, built to offer cable operators an advanced television whole home solution.

With its four tuners and support for video on demand content over IP, the TiVo Premiere Q serves as a video gateway, while TiVo Preview can function as a thin client in other rooms throughout the house creating a fantastic multi-room viewing experience. The TiVo Preview box provides the full TiVo HD user experience, so non-DVR households can also benefit from the TiVo service’s integrated TV and VOD offerings.

Both set-top boxes support the full integration of an operator’s linear and Video on Demand content with broadband content and application choices.

These products will initially be available through select cable operators. RCN will be the first domestic cable operator to offer subscribers the TiVo Premiere Q and TiVo Preview, in addition to our current TiVo Premiere DVR offering. Suddenlink expects to extend its current TiVo offering through these and other TiVo products. We plan to make both new products available to its cable operator partners later this year.

Maureen Zeljak is Director of Partner Marketing at TiVo

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  • Hemo_jr

    May we expect to see this as a retail product available through tivo.com?

  • Greg

    I was ecstatic to see these units. 4 tuners is exactly what I need, and the Tivo Preview was really neat as well.

    I am DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED I will not be able to buy these units unless I am on those cable providers.

    Please make them available like all past TIVOs as well.

  • Alan

    I second tqhe previous poster’s question, but in addition hope the TiVo premiere XL isn’t end-of lifed any timed soon.

  • Scott

    Finally a tivo that can record 4 shows at once. I can record all my shows on my tivo instead of recording 60% of my shows on tivo and downloading 40% of my shows from torrents.

  • BillH

    I’d love to get more details about the preview. I already have two premieres and it sounds like a perfect addition to use in our guest room in lieu of a cable STB. Do they take a cable card? Also, I’d be interested in the physical dimensions of the box.

  • Keith Mitchell

    i really sincerely hope that this is TiVo finally bringing out a box with an overdue SDV tuning adapter built in.

  • Stefan

    Ditto. PLEASE make the Preview available retail!

  • Henry

    I really need a Preview … don’t make this a cable-companies-only thing. I want to buy a Preview for my house!!!

  • Matt Gudites

    The Preview needs to be available via retail. Ability to stream from one TV to another has been a long time coming

  • TheBigT42

    I AM VERY Disappointed with Tivo…It is like they are abandoning there loyal customers. I am with charter and have been a tivo customer for years. Now I can’t get the new stuff??!!!?? I don’t get it. Why do I have to beg to give tivo my money? Do I need to start building my own DVR? There is a lot of good free and pay software out there. I really wanted to get a TiVo Preview for the bed room. Maybe I will build a SnapStream Box and use a there Multi Room boxes.

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