Five Reasons TiVo is Perfect for Dads

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This year, don’t scramble to find the perfect gift for Dad. Give him the gift of a TiVo® Premiere box. Here are the top five reasons we know Dad will love his TiVo Premiere box:

1. Dads like to brag: Dads like to one-up other guys, like their friends, neighbors and co-workers. Having a superior product like the TiVo Premiere box delivers all his shows plus movies from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and BLOCKBUSTER® enabling Dad to scoff at the crappy, generic DVRs used by those around him.

2. Dads know the value of a buck: Dads appreciate that for about they same amount of money they’d spend on a bare-bones DVR every month, they can upgrade to the ultimate home entertainment experience with Premiere.

3. Dads love car chases and explosions: With his TiVo Premiere, Dad can actually find and enjoy virtually every action movie ever made whenever he feels the need for senseless destruction.

4. Dads often have bizarre tastes in music: Whatever music floats Dad’s boat, now he can stream his own custom music stations on Pandora via his broadband-connected TiVo Premiere box whenever the mood strikes him.

5. Dads like to keep it simple: Most dads have already assembled enough damn bikes and cheap furniture to last several lifetimes, so they appreciate simplicity. TiVo brings all his entertainment together, with one remote and one easy-to-use interface. No cussing required.

So this Father’s Day, bring home TiVo Premiere. Plus, this week only you can get TiVo Premiere for $0 down with a two-year service commitment at $19.99 a month. Offer ends Thursday, June 9thLearn more.

Why do you think TiVo is perfect for your Dad?

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  • Angel

    Because it’s good enough for “ME”!!!!!!!!

  • Carl Tyler

    Bugger I missed it by a few days. Oh well, Dad will have to wait until next year.

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