TiVo and Comcast Team Up to Offer Xfinity On Demand Library to TiVo® Premiere Users

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Great news! TiVo and Comcast are officially working together to give TiVo Premiere DVR users access to Comcast’s Xfinity TV On Demand library. For the first time, Comcast customers in select markets will be able to use the TiVo Premiere box to enjoy a fully integrated offering combining traditional TV programming, Xfinity On Demand, and a range of broadband services, all accessible with TiVo Premiere’s universal search and HD user-interface.

Comcast will make its Xfinity TV On Demand service accessible on TiVo Premiere set-top boxes in many of its largest markets, with the first expected to be the San Francisco Bay Area with a plan for additional markets to follow.  Comcast will install TiVo Premiere set-top boxes purchased at retail with its cable service at no additional charge when the service is available in those markets.

Are you a Comcast customer excited to get Xfinity On Demand on your TiVo Premiere? Go here to find out if Xfinity On Demand is available on TiVo Premiere in your area, or sign up to get an email reminder for when it is!

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  • Tucker

    Oh man this is very exciting, something I’ve been waiting for years for! I live in Houston, can I expect On Demand soon? I hope that we are one of the larger markets you mentioned 😀

  • Steve

    Ya wouldn’t hold my breath on that they said the same thing about Cox and would be done by Q1 of 2011 well Q1 has come and gone still nothing.

  • Stephen

    I agree with Steve. The blog post in question is http://blog.tivo.com/2010/08/tivo-and-cox-partner-to-offer-cox-on-demand-service-to-subscribers-with-a-tivo-premiere-box/ there hasn’t been a single follow up about this and as a cox customer with a Tivo I still don’t have VOD.

  • Speed it up

    Amazon Instant Prime will be available in Spring 2059.

  • Tim

    YYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! any word on ppvs though?

  • Todd

    And what about those of us that currently own TiVo Premier boxes? Are we out of luck, and will not get access to Comcast’s On-Demand, et al?

  • Rich W.

    This is confusing. Do we need a special Comcast Premiere box or will any work? If it is a special Comcast TiVo box that is needed then this isn’t that exciting, but if it will work with any TiVo Premiere box – that is good then. Again, depending on actual roll out dates. Probably by the time it gets to my market in 5-6 years I’ll be ready for a new TiVo box.

    I would be more excited if I could just pay for and get the channels I want/watch.

  • Geno Endicott

    This made my day! Now I need to go by a Premiere!

  • David

    I’d be excited if this was available on either my TiVo Series 3 HD or my TiVo HD. But it’s not. So am I excited about it? Not in the least.

  • Chris

    Will this be release before or after Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime Instant Video?

  • Keith

    SO does this mean they have finally made a two-way cable card for the Tivo box, instead of the one-way multi-card i currenlty have in my Tivo Premire??

  • Jenni

    Why can’t they make it available on series 3 and above? That is the one reason I don’t like my TIVO is because I can’t get OnDemand.

  • Greg

    so what does it mean that “.Comcast will install TiVo Premiere set-top boxes with its cable service at no additional charge for its customers when the service is available in those markets.”

    I have comcast with a premire does that mean I will have to rent something new from comcast?

  • Armando

    Super excited, I’ll buy a Tivo premier when you open it up the Seattle market!

  • Bill

    This is good news. TiVo and On-Demand have been like oil and water from day one. I look forward to having these additional options. I hope the programs will be downloaded to the TiVo like Amazon/BB videos, and not streamed like YouTube.

  • Patti Kratz

    What does it mean Comcast will provide Premier set top boxes? We already have our Tivo’s. Do we need an extra box in addition to our existing Tivo Premiere’s? Or, did I blow my money buying a Tivo Premiere?????

  • Marc

    This might be enough to justify moving to a Premiere box. Not sure yet. All depends on how well it works I suppose.

  • Timothy Bryant

    Please let me know when and i will order the tivo premiere again. Thanks Tim

  • John

    I’m very excited about this, however I don’t expect my market to get this. I live in York, PA and hope I get to use this feature!

  • Patrick

    I’ll beta test in Nashville!

  • Dana Davis

    That’s great about comcast and tivo. I am not thrilled about paying comcast even more money though. There service is already too expensive for what I am getting. I’d rather give the money to block buster or amazon for video on demand.

    What’s really funny, comcast says it should already be working in my area, yet here is the announcement for it today… They are so clueless, but wouldn’t you be too if your profits were in excess of 30% every quarter! Thanks comcast!


  • Keith Pickett

    “Comcast will install TiVo Premiere set-top boxes with its cable service at no additional charge for its customers when the service is available in those markets”
    Why? I have a Premiere. Does that mean my Premiere will not be able to receive the On-Demand content from the article or does the set-top box work with my Premiere box? I don’t see the value if I have to have another Premiere box.

  • rick

    that feature would be enough to get me to upgrade my two Tivo XLs to Premiere XLs.

  • Harold

    When will it be available to Series III users. I have purchased three TiVo boxes and two lifetime licenses. I would love to have access to the On Demand Library. My XL box is great with the cablecards. I don’t want to stop using my almost $1,000 investement.

  • Mike

    That’s exciting news! I’ve held onto my Series3 so far, though, because the performance of the Premiere when navigating the UI is rather slow compared to the Series3. I hope that you are working very hard to fix this problem, because otherwise I would have switched already.

  • UX-Guy

    “Comcast will install TiVo Premiere set-top boxes with its cable service at no additional charge for its customers when the service is available in those markets.” — So Comcast will be distributing TiVo Premiere boxes as well??

  • PJ

    Thank You! First, my iPad as a remote & now the ability to access Comcast Video On Demand without switching remotes! This is why I’ve been a TiVo subscriber for 8 years! Keep up the innovation!

  • Sam

    RIght on Steve, been waiting on this for Cox VOD for nearly a year now! I love my Tivos, but c’mon!

  • Matt

    I hope this come to fruition quickly, and in Houston.

  • J-Atl

    I hope by the time they finish this deal up they actually train the comcast employees how to use Tivo. It took me a WEEK from the time they brought out the cable card for my premiere box for Comcast to get the service up and running. The tech knew nothing and blamed it all on me not having internet, which was a bold face lie.

  • Eric

    So, yeah. Will these be TiVo boxes from comcast or will we be able to use our existing boxes? It’s BS if it’s a new box from comcast that makes this happen.

  • Art

    How about the same for Verizon FiOS? Any plans?

  • Ely

    Announcements are a dime a dozen. Comcast and Tivo have been great at announcing things but a little light on the delivery side. Since details are non-existent we’ll have to wonder how and when this will roll out. I’m in the Bay Area with 2 Premieres already but I won’t hold my breath on this one…

  • Adam

    So, looks like you have a long line of people here that need more detail to decide whether to be excited about this or file under “Vaporware”

    1. Do we need to upgrade to a “special” Premiere or use the current ones?
    2. What’s a *realistic* timeline for this?
    3. How do we sign up to test this?

    We love TiVo, but we need more details!

  • mrkwst22

    What makes this announcement particularly meaningful is that coupled with the $500 mil from Dish and EchoStar, TiVo has breathing room and at long last a future. Those guys in corporate have finally earned their money. I bought into TiVo 3 months after the Sony 1st Gen boxes were out. I have 5 additional later boxes and the Premiere XL which is a great piece of machinery. Even after all this time I still think the software graphics could use some tweaking. I am a Comcast user here in Houston, but with a Roku, an Apple TV, Netflix, iPad with Xfinity and HBOagogo, I think I finally have too many choices.

  • Carl

    I’m glad I didn’t buy the lifetime subscription with the Premier XL I bought for Christmas…

  • ewj1

    Given the amount of time Hulu Plus is taking do not expect this to happen in the next three months.

  • Honus

    I’m not convinced that “Comcast will install TiVo Premiere set-top boxes” means that Comcast is providing them. I think they mean they will do the setup of your box as part of the usual cable install.

  • Hi All, We are glad to see the excitement and anticipation for the feature! Looks like there are a few questions regarding the announcement, and I would like to help clarify.

    The availability of Xfinity On Demand is for retail TiVo Premiere units, including units you may already own. Consumers would not obtain TiVo Premiere from Comcast.

    Comcast and TiVo will announce more on timing and market availability as we get closer to availability.

  • Mark

    Dear Maureen/TiVo,

    Forgive my skepticism, but I’ve heard too many “future” promises from TiVo and Comcast with little actual action behind it. When you actually have the service available, THAT’s when you can offer a press release.

    Your motto needs to be: Less announcing about what you’re going to do in the future and more do it and then announce what you did. Otherwise, this is pure marketing hype with zero substance.

    I say this as a long, long time customer (I have owned/own Series 1, 2, HD, Premiere).

  • chsdawg

    I am disappointed this feature is not available on ANY TiVo HD unit. I pay more for my two cable cards and the TiVo subscription that I would for a Comcast DVR and would really like to have the On Demand feature. I currently use Xfinity on my computer which is unsatisfactory.

  • Helen

    So thrilled!

    Just purchased a Premiere for myself and my parents, and not having on demand was the only negative to eliminating the comcast dvr/box and going strictly TiVo as we had once done before the digital conversion.

    Now if only TiVo could come up with a way to allow me to use my series 2 TiVo’s in conjunction (as storage) with the Premiere without having to pay for the additional boxes. [HINT HINT]

    Thanks TiVo for continuing to make your users experience, an exceptional one!

  • Kyle

    I would love to see this feature come to the Series 3 boxes I already own rather than making me buy new premiere boxes and pay fees to transfer my lifetime plan. (I already paid extra to transfer my lifetime from my series 1 to a series 3–it would be nice if us early adopters got some of these additional benefits!) Still waiting on that fix for the series 3 so I don’t need to pay for 2 cable cards in each box! If you are going to force us to get premiere for this, at least offer a free transfer of lifetime service!

  • Miickie

    So you only get this if you have Comcast~?~!~?
    What about Charter on demand~?~?~?
    Ever, Ever~?

  • rose

    It’s great that TiVo can stream VOD content from Comcast library. I like my services with my provider/employer DISH Network. I have the 722 receiver with them and have access to several VOD and PPV movies with them. On top of that I have really low prices with them and get my HD channels free for life. I also can get the Sling Adapter with DISH and have TV Everywhere on my android or iPad. I can watch live TV from anywhere I am at. That is worth staying with DISH Network.

  • Randy


    This really is good news – and news that I just heard about tonight while determining if I should just switch to DirecTV and leave both Comcast and TiVo behind. But, delivery of services – as stated above RE: Hulu Plus – has been very slow to market. With the agreement with Dish completed, should a quicker turnaround be expected for the Comcast OnDemand library? Will Comcast PPV be a part of this – or will that still be unsupported?

    Very excited at the forward movement that TiVo has been showing in the last couple months. Just hoping there may be a little more clarity added.

  • Eric

    FINALLY! When is it coming to Seattle? The next steps for TiVo have to be an App for the Android Market, ability to access other on-line content like HBO Go, and the ability to stream programs to mobile devices and ipods. It makes no sense that TiVo customers have to transfer shows to a home computer, reformat them, and then transfer them to a phone or ipod to watch. What year is this? Work it out TiVO let’s go. I want to be able to access the shows on my Tivo whenever and where ever I want.

  • Gary Hickey

    I have one TIVO Premier and 2 Comcast DVR’s . As soon as this service rolls out , I will replace at least one of the Comcast DVR’s with TIVO Premier(s).


    Man i’ve been waiting for this!… so just to be clear. Does this mean.
    1) Buy a TiVo Premiere
    2) Send back my Comcast DVR and get a CableCard
    3) I get TiVO and All Comcast + OnDemand feature with one machine
    4) I pay TiVO their fees (HW+ Monthly or LT), and I pay Comcast for theirs (Cable Service + CableCard)

    Please, please let this be true.

  • greggmac

    Thanks for the clarification on how this is supposed to work. I read of this breakthrough in the SF Chronicle. I talked to a service rep at Comcast and she said it would roll out in the Bay Area at the end of May and Northern California by mid-June. Since then, I haven’t seen anymore about it. Can Ms. Zeljak fills us in on the schedule?

  • Xfinity

    That is great news. My mom loves her TiVO and would never get rid of it so she will happy to get some added features with it. As for me, I am all about the Xfinity iOS app, on demand is on the go!!

  • Kyle Peterson

    What is the current status of this?

    How many cities is it currently available in?

    When is it going to get to Houston?



  • William W.

    So… where is it?
    It has been 4 months. My guess this was typical stock price bump PR and will never actually come to the TiVo.

  • Randy

    So there has been no further talk about this for four months. Any updates? Is this planned for more markets by the end of 2011?

  • D R

    Just checked with TiVo — its rep doesn’t know when this will ever happen or if we will have to buy yet another NEW Tivo box. Also note that, according to Tivo’s website, the Comcast box that is equipped with Tivo, which is currently on the market in Nw England, does NOT have access to Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, Hulu, etc. I’m not holding my breath.

  • miwi98

    I am losing my mind with the Digital Premiere and u r selling this? I would lose my mind :). This is a great piece of electronic and a dream come true.

  • miwi98

    ICAN, I just found out (through TiVo FaceBook) that Comcast and TiVo signed the contract and will start in the SF area first then it will spread to other areas. I have the TiVo Premiere and Comcast’s Motorola DVR because I could no longer use my TiVo Series 2 as a “dual turner” with the DTA box. When TiVo can get OnDemand Videos in my area then bye bye Motorola DVR.

  • Michael

    Well as of today you cannot get this and so I think it was just hype….Tivo claims its boxes are just one way.

  • Rob

    Please finish this! It’s getting harder and harder to justify my tivo premier while paying for onDemand…

  • Suzanne

    Heaven help you if you want cable with the older dual tuner series3. Comcast will NOT provide you the needed cable cards. You have to use their digital receiver.

  • Tom

    Oh great, yet one more thing the Premiere does that the HD Tivos can’t. Enjoy the love now Premiere owners. Wait until they come out with some new level of box and stop making new stuff for you. So glad I spent several hundred dollars on the HD box only to have the Premiere come out 6 months later and not enjoy any “upgrade” experience….

  • TravisD

    Still nothing on this?

  • TM

    this has been an ongoing hoax since I bought my series 3 back in 2008, at that time they where going to have an external device to hookup and provide OnDamand and also starting in San Francisco Bay Area. I guess it never left the area!

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