Now Available: The TiVo® Premiere App for iPad, the must-have app for iPad

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Be the first to download the TiVo Premiere app for the iPad.  The new app – available today – is essentially command central for your TiVo Premiere box.  With this app there’s no need to interrupt what you’re watching to browse for new shows and explore all your entertainment options.

Want to share what you’re watching with your friends or gossip about the latest reality TV stunts?  The TiVo Premiere app for the iPad now lets you post directly to Facebook and Twitter.

Other cool features include:

–          Browsing full-screen program guide without interrupting playback

–          Scheduling one-time recordings and Season Pass® recordings with a few flicks of the finger

–          Managing Season Pass recordings and the To-Do List

–          Browsing your recorded shows and with the flick of a finger launch a video on your TiVo Premiere

–          Searching for programs and actors across broadcast TV and TiVo’s premium broadband providers—like Netflix and Amazon Video On Demand

The TiVo Premiere for iPad app is available for free in the iTunes store starting today, so download the app and start sharing and exploring today!

Users must have a TiVo Premiere or TiVo Premiere XL box and an active paid subscription to the TiVo service. 

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  • richsadams

    It looked promising, but when I click on “My Shows” or “Manage” I get an error message “External Network. Outside the local network, this application provides only limited functionality. To access all the features, please connect to the same network as your TiVo Premiere Box.” My iPad is in fact connected to the very same network as my TiVo Premiere (which is connected via Ethernet to my home network). What gives?

  • richsadams

    Okay, I got the network thing sorted out. I like the App but it should also work for Series3 and TiVo HD’s.

    Although it’s pretty cool once it’s working, the installation process is a nightmare. This isn’t Fort Knox, it’s TiVo! I had to
    sign in to my TiVo account (from my iPad), then touch multiple TiVo “screens” on the app to figure out how to enable remote control access (BTW one of the “screens” doesn’t match the actual TiVo menu screen). There’s no forward/backward so you have to tap in and out repeatedly to get to the next one. A simple set of instructions would have been much less cumbersome.

    I had enter your MAC and restart TiVo. After all of that it gave me an error message saying that if found an “older TiVo” on my network but couldn’t find my TiVo Premiere XL. What? I ended up having to close the program, open it again, sign in again and then…ta dah…it worked. Seriously? It takes all of that? Install grade: D. App grade: A

  • Daniel Barton

    Where is the Windows version of this app? Far more of us watch TV with a laptop by our side than an iPad. I’ve been waiting for an app like this for Windows for years.

    I also have a question, does this app control the TiVo directly or must we wait for the TiVo to connect to the TiVo service? I’d really like an app that allows me to control my 3 TiVos directly so that I can instantly update it with last minute programming changes and not risk losing the changes because the TiVo hasn’t connected to the TiVo service.

    And of course please get it to work with with Series 2 boxes. I still have two Series 2 boxes along with my Premiere XL.


  • brennok

    Now we just need the same functionality added to TiVo Desktop or at least a PC based version for those of us who don’t own and won’t be buying an iPad. Everyone I know uses a PC or laptop while they are watching TV anyway.

  • Rob Usdin

    Kind of disappointed this only works with Premiere. Seems like it wouldn’t be that hard to emulate the web interface’s more limited functions in this app for ALL Tivo owners. Don’t leave those who haven’t upgraded yet out in the cold.


  • Rich

    The app won’t connect to my TiVo Premiere. It sees it, but says I need to restart my TiVo. I did that and the app tried to connect for a long time, but went back to requesting a restart. I have my TiVo connected to a wireless router via Ethernet cable. Do I need to be using the TiVo wireless adapter for this iPad app to work?

  • urban bohemian

    I’m glad that TiVo is finally breaking into mobile apps, but why is there nothing for current/previous owners? I’d love to use this with my TiVo HD and Series 2 boxes and not feel as though loyal customers are left behind when the shiny new model comes out.

  • William Aprea

    Any plan for an iPhone app and/or perhaps wi-fi streaming?

  • Sean

    Can you make this available for Mac OS 10.6.6, which is able to run iOS apps? It will probably be able to run on Mac OS as is, without any changes.

  • Jason

    It’s frustrating to me that this is Premiere only. I made the mistake of buying two TiVo HD XL boxes and lifetime subs a few months before the Premiere came out. Even if I would buy the Premiere box, I’d have to pay for a new lifetime sub (maybe at a discount, but still…). This doesn’t make for a satisfied customer.

  • Colin Lamb

    Agreed, make this available on teh PC or even other mobile devices…Android or even the iTouch/iPhone

  • Jeremy

    I agree I have no interest in getting an iPad ever!!! The tablet Vizio is coming out with looks semi cool and is a maybe for me. I want to know if this app will be available on other Tablets?

  • Donna

    Any more IPAD giveaways or deals? lol

  • John M

    So, this will just work with a Premiere? I have a XL HD, no luck with that one? Thank You.

  • Todd

    What about android?

  • Lerch

    Yeah, this is really disappointing. They should have provided this functionality on the TiVo itself through it’s currently very limited web interface. Then it would be accessible to desktops and laptops with any OS, any wifi-capable smart device INCLUDING the iPad but also android devices and iPhones. Really disappointing that they’ve restricted this to people who can afford an additional $500 for an iPad. I love my TiVo but had to make sacrifices to afford the Premier in the first place.

  • Mark Freeman

    I would like a Windows app like this to run on my notebook. I don’t have an iPad or smart phone, but I almost always have my notebook PC (Windows Vista) handy when I’m watching my TiVo.

  • John M. Hammer

    Please create a Universal version of this app which will run on other iOS devices (iPhones and iPod Touches).

    Also, MORE importantly, please create a Mac version of your software that has feature parity with the PC version.

  • Roger Barnes

    If would be awesome to have an Android based version of this App. It would certainly reach a much wider audience.

  • MG

    No support for Series 3/HD = FAIL.

    Shame on you, TiVo for abandoning your longtime customers whose “unsupported” hardware is less than a year old!

  • Jeff Moore

    I know, more whining… but I’m not about to buy a Premiere or Premiere XL until you offer one with that great front-panel text display the Series 3 has, showing what’s recording. I can’t tell you how often that’s handy. Any new box without that is just a step backward in overall utility, no matter how swell all the other features of the OS.

    Hell, if you even offer that (or that and more) functionality as an add-on little shelf-sized display which plugs into a USB port, that’d be fine! Then I’ll upgrade.

  • Chad Alderson

    Looking forward to getting home tonight and giving it a spin. The early reviews coming in look promising.

  • TiVo Editor

    There’s a number of questions surrounding this announcement & we hope to address as much as possible. This app will continue to evolve and we are looking into possibilities on other products & operating systems. Keep the feedback coming! 🙂
    – Streaming content: Current version focuses on ability to search, browse & manage programs and recordings w/out interrupting what you’re watching. We’re exploring enhancements to the experience & will continue to update the app, but there’s nothing to announce today regarding streaming capabilities.
    – Other operating systems: Today’s app is strictly for iPad. We’re working on iPhone & Android support, but no further details are available today. There are many features such as remote scheduling, Season Pass management, guide data, etc. that are available through We may consider some of the app features for further upgrades to
    – Other TiVo platforms: We’re investigating support for Series3 users, but can’t give details now.

  • Tim

    That’s great, but I fail to see why the app has to be tied to a Premiere and cannot work with a Series 3. Series 3 users paid an enormous amount of money for the OLED boxes and have been left in the dust. Glad that there is some work going on to make the app workable for Series 3 users and hope it comes to fruition.

  • tracy saver

    i have tivo havent problem set up tivo got a number so i can ring up

  • Kenny McLeskey

    I just downloaded & installed the app on my iPad & utilized the option to enter my media key vs. sign in to my Tivo account. The whole download & install for 2 Premiere XL’s was less than 5 minutes with no install issues. I have not yet really taken the app for a indepth test drive but it looks pretty cool & simple so far.

  • R. Mansfield

    I was extremely excited to see this app and promptly downloaded it to my iPad. But then, I was just as disappointed to see that it didn’t work with my TiVo which I bought BRAND NEW from Best Buy in January, 2010. Please update the app to work at least with models sold in the last couple of years. Please?

  • Maury Alamin

    This app is great, if not a bit long overdue. Well done.

  • Michael

    How is it possible that this is not available on series 3 units? Why don’t you lay this out on the table in the press release? Oh yes, because you want people to get excited about it then basically force them to upgrade if they want the functionality.

    The series 3 hd boxes that were thx certified were amazing pieces of hardware, its a shame to your work and engineers to restrict people from enjoying this nice piece of software on a box that isn’t even 3 years old.

  • Paul

    You have got to be kidding me. The app works for Premiere boxes only? We’ve been loyal customers for 6 years… if this is some kind of lame attempt to encourage us to upgrade, you have sunken pretty low, Tivo…

  • Richard Shockey

    The app is fine and it works for what it is but its not what some of us want. Wow now I have a big old remote control whats the point in that?

    We want to PLAY the TIVO content over the IPAD and our locally connected networks. Ok I understand the copyright issues if you have to leave your local networks ..its not supposed to be a SlingBox but come on guys.

    As a remote control .. ok fine but its the streaming content delivery that we want. Why wasn’t the TIVO desktop functionality included? The preliminary marketing materials hinted at that. Play in bed or another room where you might be doing something else. I don’t understand. Comcast is clearly promoting this useful functionality.

  • Scott Greenwell

    I have 2 Tivo Premieres neither have successfully connected with the app.  Getting an error message that I have a previous generation TiVo that is not compatible, I do NOT.  One of the TiVo’s finally connected, but after waiting for 15 minutes for the content to load (as well as the DVR info) I gave up.

    Additionally have been retrying to setup this evening I also have the wifi bug…5 mins in my signal changes to 3G, close the app, wifi immediately comes back.

  • Sam

    I have a TiVo Premiere, and the app says that my TiVo isn’t a TiVo Premiere.

  • Janet

    Agreed. No support for Tivo HD makes this a total fail. I can understand series 2 (of which I also have 2), but year-old hardware is unsupported? Am I supposed to buy a new box every 6 months?? and woe are those loyal customers who sprang for the lifetime sub. I LOVE Tivo, but boo on this move.

  • Jon

    I just got the app and it can’t find my TiVo premiere from the scan. Yes it is connected to the same wifi network. Yes my network remote setting is turned on. Any ideas as to why this isn’t working?

  • Disappointed HD user

    I have 2 TiVo HDs. One is 1 3/4 years old and one is just over 1 year old. If you do the math, the newer one was bought a mere 4 months prior to the TiVo Premiere release. Of course, I have a life time subscription so upgrading is basically throwing away money. Very disappointed this app doesn’t work on the HD boxes. Maybe TiVo should consider letting people with lifetime subscriptions upgrade their box and transfer a life time subscription.

  • J Malone

    TiVo HD support is a must. Failing to support hardware that is practically still on store shelves is a pretty big oversight, IMHO. I’ve been a TiVo customer since series 1. I’ve owned, get this: 12 TiVo units. I like the Premiere, but I don’t feel an upgrade is in order at this time. If units 13 & 14 are going to remain in my plans for the future, TiVo is going to have to show me some love in the present.

  • Kenzi Rauth

    This app is AWESOME!!! Great set up and easy to use. I especially like the control over season passes and managing shows as well as prioritizing. Love it…. A reason for iPad owners to buy TiVo. Thank you for this app. I look forward to a TiVo app coming to iPhone.

  • Andrew

    I have read the above reviews. The app works GREAT for Premier. Yes, I JUST got Premier, and I’m loving it. Replaced my S2. I understand that people are disappointed that it doesn’t work for you. It works as advertised. Wonderfully. It is freaking Awesome! There are other options- I have an iPhone and an Android phone. I have downloaded apps for each which work well. This is a different app. It is for iPad. It is for Premier. It is absolutely wonderful. The remote apps for iPhone and Android are also great. They are different apps. iTv is great for scheduling through other platforms. Setup for me was simple and though restart took 10 minutes, it is a minimal inconvenience for the benefits of the application.

    Thank you TiVo!

  • brennok

    I just wish TiVo would release the API or make the commands public so people could make their own versions. At least give access to those who already have a history of making good programs for TiVo users like KMTTG, PyTiVo, Streambaby, and TiVo To Do.

  • Ourdoc

    Works great! But do agree, streaming is a necessity.

  • Scottb

    If you are having trouble with your wifi connection to your TiVo – disable bluetooth on your iPad. Seems to be a conflict…

  • TJ

    No Series 3 support? No streaming content from your Tivo box? Not sure what use the app is then other than as one other commenter said… it’s just a big remote.

  • J. Rotten

    Why does the app only work with iPad? I just don’t get it… I mean what’s the point? Compared to iPhone, iTouch users, iPad community is very small.

  • Bret Foxwood

    I was excited to see this because I thought I was going to be able to view my shows on my iPad, slingbox-style. Very disappointed to find this just turns my iPad into a remote control and a scheduler. I already do all of those things on my television. Not sure what this app brings to the party. Looking forward to actually being able to beam my Tivo recordings to my iPad over the house wifi.

  • GMan

    Love the App! Coolest thing ever. I was putting back in all of my season pass stuff with ease. However, there were a couple of shows where I got an error “unknown collection”. This does seem to be show specific, because when I looked at it through other views, it did not have the record option for it. Strange.

    However, I love the app and don’t know if I will ever need the remote again. There are lots of other features that I would love to see. How about a Rhapsody queue manager to make it easier to control the music on the fly.

  • TiVo but fir how long

    Long term customer abandon by TiVo… First, I upgraded one of my old boxes for HDXL. Was gold that because my new box was an upgrade. It didn’t qualify as a primary box for mult-service discount. I even upgraded all my TiVo boxes to HD. Now that same HDXL that was recently purchased doesn’t work with the latest app.

    I have been using TiVo dice the start. Now feeling like I am coming up on the short end of the stick. Time to start shopping around…

  • JohnH

    Add streaming capabilities for the iPad and I will go buy a Premier TODAY.

  • JimR

    Here’s another shame on you TiVo for failing on Series3/HD boxes. You are behind the curve and have under delivered. Not a healthy combo.

  • JC

    Waiting for andriod app.

  • TJ

    Yay! The Tivo iPad app has recently been updated and added support for Series3! While it is only limited support, you can still browse for shows, schedule recordings and use the app as a fully functional remote. Thank you, Tivo!!!

  • Tom

    Oh great, yet one more thing the Premiere does that the HD Tivos can’t. Enjoy the love now Premiere owners. Wait until they come out with some new level of box and stop making new stuff for you. So glad I spent several hundred dollars on the HD box only to have the Premiere come out 6 months later and not enjoy any “upgrade” experience….

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