Pandora, Now Playing on TiVo® Premiere

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Music lovers rejoice!  Pandora has come to TiVo.  This personalized internet radio service is free to TiVo Premiere box owners and functions like the Pandora service on your PC, mobile or other connected device.

Similar to how the TiVo service learns from your viewing preferences to make recommendations on new TV programs or movies, Pandora gives people music they love through personalized radio stations. These stations are created instantly from a single song, artist, composer or genre ‘seed.’   Simple thumbs-up and thumbs-down feedback quickly refine stations to each listener’s taste.

On TiVo, consumers can create a new free Pandora account, or sign-in with existing Pandora accounts to seamlessly and immediately enjoy their current stations on the television set.

TiVo users have a variety of broadband music options at their fingertips.  In addition to Pandora, users can subscribe to Rhapsody service membership, stream their MP3 music library from their PC or Mac with the TiVo Desktop software, download music videos from Music Choice, and listen to streaming radio channels via Live365.

TiVo is committed to delivering the best content from cable, movies, web, and music, to your living room – all in one box – and this Pandora feature is a great example of that.

Are you excited for the new Pandora service?  What’s your favorite Pandora station?

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