Reaching across the aisle…for the remote

Rounding the corner into the fourth month of Presidential Campaign Season, we were thrilled to find something fresh in our data. We uncovered what supporters of the Democratic and Republican frontrunners watch on TV.  Some predictable results surfaced, but we found some interesting insights, too.

We looked at viewing data from TiVo panelists who indicated they would vote for one of the frontrunners—Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump—if the election were held today.   We then found the networks and programs those people watch more often than the average TiVo household, to create an index.

There were no surprises in the top networks for Clinton and Trump supporters: Clinton supporters watch more MSNBC than average, and Trump supporters tune to Fox News more often. We were surprised to learn, however, that Trump supporters watch Nick Jr. 2.4 times more than average. Perhaps less surprisingly, Clinton backers favor network series with strong female protagonists, with the CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend topping the list.

Clinton and Trump supporters have some TV in common, too. We found high concentrations of both camps watching the recently canceled NBC dramedy, The Mysteries of Laura.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how TV divides across party lines.  Contact us for complete study details.

Clinton vs Trump infographic chart

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