QuickMode Now on TiVo Roamio!

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Starting today, TiVo® is bringing the well-anticipated QuickMode™ feature to the entire TiVo Roamio® family! This is part of a major software update from TiVo that includes some other fun features as well for both retail and MSO Roamio boxes.

The QuickMode feature made its debut on Sept. 29 on the TiVo BOLT™, the company’s fastest and 4K-enabled unified entertainment system. The feature has not only been given great praise from press and customers alike, but also will help TV watchers save hundreds of hours every year by playing your recorded shows 30 percent faster with pitch-corrected audio.

Here are more details on the key features included in the software update:

  • QuickMode lets you watch recorded shows 30 percent faster with pitch-corrected audio – no chipmunks allowed. Working especially well for news, awards shows and sports, QuickMode enables the average viewer to shave a month of time each year that otherwise was spent watching slower-moving programming.
  • HD Channel Notification provides the option of watching the HD version of a channel when users are tuned into the SD version of the channel. Users can tune to the HD channel by pressing the D button in Live TV – it’s that easy! Never feel stuck watching an SD channel again.
  • Updated look and feel, including the streamlined display of channel logos in the TiVo Guide for a quick and easy way to visually find the network for which you’re looking. No more searching by network call sign or having to closely read the guide and memorize channel order to find what you want.
  • Fast set-up for Cord Cutters, this update brings non-cable subscribers an even faster way to get to their streamed1 and recorded content. Now, over-the-air channels scan twice as fast as before. On average, cord-cutters on TiVo’s award-winning TiVo Roamio OTA will see a 15-minute reduction in channel scan time (although your actual time savings may vary, based largely on the available over-the-air channel line-up in your local area).
  • MSO upgrades for operators, including easy set-up, optional customization, and the ability for viewers to purchase Pay Per View content directly from the set top box, now are included on TiVo Mini devices. The update also enables faster, more streamlined OTA installer express set-up.

For more details on these updates, please visit our services page at https://www.tivo.com/softwareupdates.

1 Broadband internet connection is required to access and receive streaming content. Availability of third-party content from streaming sources is subject to change, and certain third-party fees may apply.

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