Game of Thrones: Who “Donated” The Most Blood?

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The Game of Thrones season finale is coming up. As usual, this season did not disappoint in terms of how epic it was and how much blood was shed. Ironically enough (maybe even purposefully), the final episode falls on the same day as World Blood Donor Day. Perfect; one of the bloodiest TV shows on the air falling right in line with the one day of the year that is all about blood! TiVo Research had a little fun with this coincidence by relating how much blood would have been “donated” by each character, as well as which episode this season is the bloodiest thus far. We correlated blood “donations” to each kill for which a character was responsible throughout the season. For every person a character kills, he/she figuratively donates a pint of blood. Simple enough, right? Take a look at our results.


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