What to Watch This Week – March 22nd – March 28th

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Looking for something new to record or stream? Here’s what we’re recommending you watch this week:

Sunday, March 22nd:

  • The Last Man on Earth (FOX): There’s still time to get into this quirky comedy that’s asking questions about marriage, fidelity and toilet pools in an apocalyptic world.
  • Neighbors With Benefits (A&E): A reality show about married couples who are “in the lifestyle”; but, if you’re looking for better production values and a better soundtrack on the same topic, check out 2008’s “Swingtown” instead.

Monday, March 23rd:

  • Teen Mom (MTV): Entering its 11th season, this MTV show is almost old enough to have a surprise baby of its own.

Tuesday, March 24th:

  • The Late, Late Show with James Corden (CBS): Stepping into the post-Letterman slot, the premiere of the James Corden version of “The Late, Late Show” includes first guest (and national treasure) Tom Hanks.

Wednesday, March 25th:

  • Little Women, NY (Lifetime): Hopefully, moving to New York will help Meg and Jo deal with the untimely death of their sister, Beth.

Thursday, March 26th:

  • Impractical Jokers: Practically Live! (Spike): Filmed during their recent national tour, the Practical Jokers guys attempt to fool an audience full of people who bought tickets to their event with the words “Practical Jokers” in the title.
  • It Takes a Church (GSN): Would you let your fellow church-goers choose whom you date? The contestants on this Game Show Network program are doing just that, and it’s bound to get preachy.

Friday, March 27th:

  • Disney Dream Cruise with Food Network (Food): Let’s just hope that the line for this cruise, and the line for the “Rock This Boat” cruise featuring the New Kids on the Block, don’t get mixed up; otherwise we’re going to end up with some seriously traumatized cast members.

Saturday, March 28th:

  • Kids’ Choice Awards 2015 (Nickelodeon): One of the Jonas brothers hosts the yearly event, where celebrities get covered in green slime. Get ready for the use of a lot of words and acronyms that you’ll have to ask your kids to explain to you.
  • Saturday Night Live (NBC): Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson hosts for the 4th time, and we just hope he brings back his version of President Obama as “The Hulk”.


  • Community (Yahoo Screen): Catch up with the beginning of Season 6 with new cast member, Paget Brewster and all your old favorites. Pop pop!


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