TiVo Research Presents its 2014 Year in Review

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Top Moments include Peyton Manning’s First Botched Snap from Center in the Super Bowl and a Glitch in the Opening Ceremonies of the XXII Winter Olympics

TiVo Research today announced its 2014 year in review results offering a comprehensive look at what resonated with TiVo viewers based on syndicated ratings data, from television’s top five moments to the most successful creative advertising campaigns. According to TiVo, two of the top TV five moments of 2014 occurred during The Big Bang Theory episodes, while moments from the Super Bowl, the Academy Awards and the Winter Olympics comprised the other three.

TiVo Research analyzed TV viewership from January-November 2014 for a variety of different program types and metric categories. The results are based on an aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data from a sample of 350,000 anonymous households with the Emmy® Award winning TiVo® service.

2014 Year in Review

Top 5 TiVo Moments for the 5 Highest Rated Programs of 2014

 1. Super Bowl XLVIII – Fox, 2/2/2014

Top Rated Moment: On the first play of the opening drive, as Peyton Manning approaches the center for the snap, the football flies past his head and into the end zone for a Seattle safety.

2. The Oscars – ABC, 3/2/2014

Top Rated Moment: As the nominees are announced for the night’s first award, Best Actor in    a Supporting Role, eventual winner Jared Leto’s astounding clip is shown from Dallas Buyers Club.

 3. The Big Bang Theory, The Locomotion Interruption – CBS, 9/22/2014

Top Rated Moment: On the way to rescue Sheldon in Arizona, Amy complains that he called Leonard rather than her.

 4. The Big Bang Theory, The Junior Professor Solution – CBS, 9/22/2014

Top Rated Moment: The guys debate what human-animal combination would create the greatest super-soldier. Sheldon concludes it would be human-koala because “you would wind up with an army so cute it couldn’t be attacked.”

5. XXII Winter Olympics, Opening Ceremonies – NBC, 2/7/2014

Top Rated Moment: As a chorus of Russian singers serenades the crowd, four—out of five—large hovering snowflakes morph into Olympic rings. Unfortunately the fifth snowflake fails to transform.

Top 5 Most Time-Shifted Broadcast and Cable Programs

RankNetworkProgram NameEpisode Count% Time-shifted
1CWThe Vampire Diaries1985.2%
3ABCModern Family2183.1%
4FOXNew Girl1982.9%
5CWHart of Dixie1482.7%
RankNetworkProgram NameEpisode Count% Time-shifted
1BBCAOrphan Black1191.2%
2SHOWTIMENurse Jackie1290.5%
5BBCADoctor Who1788.8%
* Based on 10+ episodes


Advertising creative, movie campaign spots and network promos were evaluated with respect to how well their ads resonated with TiVo service subscribers, as measured by their propensity to watch, rewind or fast-forward through the brands’ spots during time-shifted viewing.


Top 5 Primetime Broadcast and Cable Advertising Creative Based on Fast-forward Rate

Top Primetime Broadcast Creative Spots*
RankBrandCreative NameSpot Count
1Mountain Dew
  1. Earnhardt Jr.: Dale Call
2MicrosoftSteve Gleason: Technology19
3Pacific LifePlan for Retirement Today13
4Buick EnclaveMarisa Millers Buick Enclave16
5HeinzClap Your Hands16
Top Primetime Cable Creative Spots*
RankNetworkProgram NameEpisode Count
1Volkswagen Golf
  1. Cantor: Commentates on the Drive
  1. Phelps: All January Long
3Coca-Cola ZeroMarch Madness Fans25
4Old El PasoFlavor is Right on15
5Smart CarA Small But Safe Car31
* Based on Fast-forward Rate, 10+ spots per creative (does not include motion picture spots)


Top 5 Debut Week Motion Picture Campaigns based on Fast-Forward Rate

Top Debut Week Movie Campaigns*
RankStudioMovie TitleSpot Count
1ParamountTransformers Age Of Extinction101
2TriStarMoms Night Out112
3Sony / Screen GemsThink Like A Man Too115
4Samuel GoldwynIvory Tower93
5ParamountTop Five140
* Based on Fast-forward Rate, 80+ spots in the debut week


Top 5 Primetime Broadcast and Cable Promotional Campaigns based on Fast-Forward Rate

Top Primetime Broadcast Promos*
RankNetworkPromoSpot Count
1NBCChicago PD190
2CWBeauty & The Beast107
4CWTomorrow People134
Top Primetime Cable Promos*
RankNetworkProgram NameEpisode Count
1Comedy CentralKey & Peele103
2Comedy CentralNathan For You171
3Comedy CentralTripTank110
4Comedy CentralBroad City145
5ABC FamilyPretty Little Liars557
* Based on Fast-forward Rate, 100+ spots per network promo



TiVo’s viewing analysis is based on data from January-November 2014, collected from an anonymous daily sample of 350,000 active TiVo DVRs.


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