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Have you ever been crazily excited for a show, wanted to create a season pass, but the show still doesn’t air for months? We’ve all been counting down the days until GOT returns, and now you can get your TiVo’s mentally prepared for its return, right there along with you! When a new TV show preview catches your eye, you can set a season pass right away, months before it airs.




The Season Pass outside PGD feature allows users to create Season Passes for new TV shows and off-season TV shows months before the shows air. Users can create season passes with the “All Channels” option, and the TV shows will record from any channel on which they air. When the TV shows become available in the Guide data, users can modify the Season Pass to a specific channel too.


So stop stressing about the next season of Girls, and set your season passes, so you don’t miss a second!

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  • Kate Kirby

    Now _this_ is a welcome new feature!

  • greenpad

    AWESOME!!!! This is something I’ve always wanted!

  • ADY

    Yay this is a fantastic update! This happens to me all the time!


    This is an awesome feeling I think! I understand your idea

  • Mike B

    When will this extended time make its way to the ios app?

  • Joel Nagy

    How do you set it to only record HD channels?

  • Rahul

    Much overdue feature. Can’t wait to receive the update.

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