Top Moments: NBA Finals!

The Spurs took home the title last night and stopped The Heat from 3-peating. Check out the Top Moments from the series below:




  1. Game 5: 10:47pm – As time winds down the Spurs clinch their fifth NBA Championship, ranking them fourth overall in the history of the league.
  2. Game 5: 10:27pm – Tony Parker pulls up short on a drive and hits a 7 footer giving the Spurs an 18 point lead with 7:09 left in game 5.
  3. Game 2: 10:38pm – Following a Ginobili miss, James drives with 1:18 remaining in the game and kicks it out to Bosh for a 3 giving the Heat a 95-93 lead.
  4. Game 5: 9:55pm – With the Heat down by 14 in the 3rd quarter, Wade drives in for a dunk that is rejected by Splitter.
  5. Game 4: 10:52pm – The Spurs up by 19 in the 3rd quarter, moving the ball seemingly at will, pass the ball to Duncan inside who slams home a dunk.
  6. Game 4: 10:12pm – With a little over one minute remaining in the first half, the Spurs Patty Mills misses a three point jumper as Leonard comes out of nowhere, grabs the rebound in midair and dunks the ball. Spurs 55 – Heat 33.
  7. Game 3: 11:14pm – Following a traveling call on James that gives the ball back to the Spurs with ten minutes remaining in the game, Leonard makes a driving layup on what could have easily been interpreted as traveling.
  8. Game 1: 10:57pm – As the third quarter of game one winds down and the Heat leading 71-69, James knocks Splitter to the ground away from the ball. Originally called a flagrant foul, after further review, it is reduced to a personal foul.
  9. Game 2: 10:17pm – Chalmers drives under the basket and Parker goes down hard on a flagrant foul call against Chalmers.
  10. Game 3: 9:39pm – With the first quarter of game three almost at an end, the Spurs cap off a dominant performance with a Leonard three pointer followed thirty seconds later by a Ginobili three pointer.
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