Midseason Premieres: Game of Thrones

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Midseason Premieres: By Alicia Broadway

It’s important to have something to look forward to. With summer around the corner, I’m sure lots of you will be planning summer vacations. Maybe others of you are about to experience something great, like getting married, or having a baby, or redeeming that free sandwich coupon stuck in the back of your wallet. I too have something to look forward to—something that is increasingly taking over my every thought, making it hard to concentrate at work or pay attention to loved ones. I’m of course referring to the return of “Game of Thrones.”

I’m completely obsessed with “Game of Thrones”—from the dragons to the elaborate family histories to the beautiful clothing, I can’t get enough. If HBO continuously played new episodes, I would waste away from sleep deprivation, whispering “a Lannister always pays his debts” as I went. Do I want the Lannisters to win? I don’t know, but that’s another reason why I love this show. The writing is incredible, and the characters demonstrate so many layers that it’s hard to have a favorite. At first I was pulling for the Starks, but Tyrion has been so sweet to Sansa, and Jaime showed such compassion toward Brienne, that as long as it’s not Joffrey, I might be okay with a Lannister on the throne. Then of course there’s Daenerys. She’s smart, determined, and seems to possess a morality that’s lacking in some of the other contenders—oh, and she has dragons. It’s really important not to forget she has dragons; that’s got to help her chances of success. At this point I’m pulling for the smartest player to win, and I’m ready for the game to begin.

Season 4 of “Game of Thrones” starts April 6. Don’t forget to set your season pass. Head to TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies, & Videos” and “Browse TV & Movies” to find our “Midseason Premieres” collection. And remember, though it may be spring in our neck of the woods, “winter is coming.”


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