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Do you love TiVo? I mean, really and truly love it? Show us.

Wait. Before you get carried away, here’s the How, Why and Where:

TiVo is hosting a contest to give their most enthusiastic fans a chance to win a home entertainment package! Who said you can’t put a price on love? All you have to do is submit a video, write a poem, tell a story… whatever it takes to explain why you love your TiVo. It must be submitted to www.WhyILoveTiVo.com between today and April 15, 2014. People can also use this site to review, enjoy and vote for their favorite submissions.

Winners will be judged on creativity, originality and persuasiveness. 

The Grand Prize winner in the “Why I Love TiVo Contest” will receive a complete home entertainment package that includes:

• The highly-acclaimed TiVo Roamio Pro DVR with Product Lifetime Service

• Sony 65” XBR 4K Ultra TV, which is four times clearer than HD TV

• Sony 46” sound bar with wireless subwoofer

• Two TiVo Minis with Product Lifetime Service

• Two TiVo Slide Pro Controllers

Alternatively, The Grand Prize winner has the option of choosing $10,000 cash in lieu of the home entertainment package. In addition, TiVo will award five runner-up prizes of a TiVo Roamio Plus DVR with Product Lifetime Service.

Now that we’ve set a few ground rules (full official rules are available at www.WhyILoveTiVo.com, we want to hear from you! Tell us what makes your love for TiVo deeper, more passionate and more deserving than anyone else’s. Follow #WhyILoveTiVo to keep up with the submissions via Twitter, and check out www.WhyILoveTiVo.com to see what crazy confessions come to light, including your own!

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  • Tivo ReCordsalot

    This is my favorite one so far! This guy cracks me up.


  • Carole Lazur

    I would like to submit a poem explaining why I love TiVo.

  • Grace Scammell

    Neither work nor play will keep me away , my favorite thing. my love for TiVo will never stray.

  • Lisbeth McCarty

    I can go where I want to go
    Because I have TIVO
    I can view when I want to view
    I have TIVO, it’s true

    I can record all my shows
    Because I Have TIVO
    I can watch in a binge
    ‘Cause TIVO’s my friend.

  • Marty Harrington

    When and where will the contest results be announced?

    Thank you

  • Jon

    When are they going to pick the winners from this contest? The website said around mid April.

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