Winter Olympics: Follow all the action from Sochi!

With the XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi about to begin, it’s time to make sure you’ve set up recordings of all your favorite events. NBC is spreading events across most of their broadcast and cable networks so we’ve made it easy to grab all your favorites.

From TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies & Videos”, then “Browse TV & Movies”  to reach the “Olympics” browse menu. From here you can schedule recordings for each of the Winter Olympic events. Select your favorite and browse through the list to set up recordings for each of the broadcasts including your favorite sport. Don’t want to miss Shawn White on the half-pipe? Record the “Snowboarding” collection and never miss a trick. Need to figure out the difference between a Lutz and a Salchow? Record the Figure Skating collection and watch all the action. Even if you just want to finally figure out why all your co-workers are sliding up and down the isles with brooms, grab the “Curling” collection and get ready to put the rock in the house.

Select your favorite sports and the “Record this Collection” option and you’ll never miss a moment of the XXII Winter Olympics!

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  • Drea

    Now you send this, after I spent last night hand doing it.

  • Stephen

    Nothing for us series 3 owners? We had nice Guru Guides last time around.

  • Kurt Peterson

    But you can’t record the “Bobsled” collection, you have to go into Bobsled and then record either the Men or Women collection. If I just try to get Bobsled it gets the no future shows message. Ugh! More season passes to set up….

  • b

    doesn’t work. Under Hockey – select “Record this collection” and none show up. Yet, when you go into “Men’s Hockey” — three upcoming show up. Such a pain to go into each category/subcategory for all the sports you like. Please fix