TiVo’s Annual Report: Super Bowl XLVIII Top Commercials and Moments

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TiVo has been tracking and releasing its unique Super Bowl data for over a decade. Today, TRA released the top most engaging Super Bowl commercials, promotions and game top moments for Super Bowl XLVIII. TiVo Research is the only audience research service using second-by-second to rank top Super Bowl spots based on actual commercial retention relative to overall program viewership. Also interesting to note, is the fact that for the fourth year in a row, TiVo found viewership for the half time show exceeding that of the overall game. And the top moment from half time? Exactly what many fans were eagerly anticipating: the moment Bruno Mars began to sing following his opening drum solo.


Top 10 Commercials of Super Bowl XLVIII

The halftime Seinfeld reunion for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee was crowned the most re-watched promo of the game, and both Budweiser and Doritos had two spots each in the Top 10.

6 of the Top 10 spots had a “throwback” component, incorporating themes from yesteryear: a time machine, cameos from ‘80’s icons in RadioShack’s “The Phone Call”, a Schwarzenegger appearance in Bud Light’s “Up for Whatever #2”, and returns to TV by the casts of Seinfeld, Full House and The Muppets Show.

For the second year in a row, 9 of this year’s Top 10 commercials were previewed on the Web before the big game. This year, however, the major brands’ efforts to preview their Super Bowl spots on the Web before the big game were more aggressive than ever. According to YouTube, #2-ranked “Puppy Love” from Budweiser garnered a whopping 36,574,390 online views prior to gametime, and #5-ranked “Terry Crews and the Muppets” from Toyota grabbed 6,581,891 views.

4 of the Top 10 commercials aired in the first quarter, and 4 aired in the fourth.

The following Top 10 commercials and promotions from Super Bowl XLVIII according to TiVo:

  1. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Halftime)
  2. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” (4th Quarter)
  3. GoDaddy’s “Bodybuilder” (4th Quarter)
  4. Doritos’s “Cowboy Kid” (4th Quarter)
  5. Toyota Highlander’s “Terry Crews & the Muppets” (2nd Quarter)
  6. Doritos’s “Time Machine” (1st Quarter)
  7. RadioShack’s “The Phone Call” (1st Quarter)
  8. Oikos Greek Yogurt’s “The Spill” (4th Quarter)
  9. Bud Light’s “Up for Whatever #2” (1st Quarter)
  10. Squarespace’s “A Better Web Awaits” (1st Quarter)


Super Bowl XLVIII versus Super Bowl XLVII by the numbers:

  • There were 20 sixty second spots during yesterday’s game versus the 14 last year.
  • FOX aired 28 promos during the game in comparison to last year when CBS aired 48.
  • This year’s game was 55 minutes shorter: The Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos in just 3:25:43, versus the 4:20:36 it took last year for the Baltimore Ravens to overcome the San Francisco 49ers. Last year’s four hour and 20 minute game was extended due to a blackout.


Top Commercials of Super Bowls Past

In analyzing the past most engaging advertisements and promotions with viewers have most often been comedy-based. The top commercials of past Super Bowls include the following:


Super Bowl XLVIII – Game Top Moments

The top re-watched moments from the game itself were:

  1. The bad snap on the opening drive that led to a Seattle Seahawks Safety
  2. The field goal to give the Seahawks an early 5-0 lead
  3. The kick-off return for a touchdown by Percy Harvin following halftime.


TiVo Research’s Super Bowl analysis was prepared using aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data from a sample of 30,000 anonymous households with the Emmy-award winning TiVo® service. TiVo Research gauges the interest in programming content by measuring the percentage of the TiVo audience watching in “play” speed. The most engaging ads and promotions are determined by looking for spots with the biggest bump in viewership relative to the surrounding 15 minutes of programming, offering a true reflection of change in viewership.

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