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Romance means different things to different people. This Valentine’s Day, your best bet is to figure out what it means to your special someone and make a grand gesture. The grand gesture makes up for the silly fights, the less-than-inspired date nights, and telling her she’s acting like her mother—it’s also what makes a great romantic movie. The grand gesture is the scene you remember years later, like Jake presenting Samantha with a birthday cake in “Sixteen Candles” or Cindy jumping on the back of Ronald’s lawnmower in “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

The grand gesture communicates your feelings better than words ever could. In “Sixteen Candles,” Samantha spends the entire movie feeling depressed because her family forgets her birthday. So when Jake gives her a birthday cake, which under different circumstances might be no big deal, it’s the thing she needs to feel special. And in “Can’t Buy Me Love,” when Cindy joins Ronald on his lawnmower, she’s accepting him for who he is—not a jock or one of the cool kids, but the boy who cuts her lawn. So this Valentine’s Day, let the person you love know that they’re special, and that you love them just the way they are…and then, on the day after, remind them that the garbage isn’t going to take itself out.

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