Top Programs of 2013

2013 came to an end with televised recaps and how we will remember the year that was. Here at TiVo, we recalled the best moments caught on TV and the shows that were most time-shifted of them all. In a football friendly nation, it’s no surprise who took first for the highest rated programs, but one sitcom reached the top five twice!

Here are the lists for the best programs of 2013:

Top 5 Moments

Top 5 TiVo Moments for the 5 Highest Rated Programs

Rank Network Program Name Airdate Top Rated Moment
1 CBS Super Bowl XLVII 2/3/2013 The Har-Bowl’s final seconds tick down as the Ravens defeat the 49ers 34-31 by stopping them on the final play, a kick-off return
2 ABC The Academy Awards 2/24/2013 Christoph Waltz wins for Best Supporting Actor for Django Unchained and gives a heartfelt speech
3 ABC Modern Family: New Year’s Eve 1/9/2013 While trying to find a bar to go to on New Year’s Eve, Cameron and Mitchell enter a club that shocks them.
4 ABC Modern Family: Fulgencio 1/23/2013 Phil tries to convince the kids to come to him with their problems rather than their mother, to no avail.
5 CBS The Big Bang Theory: The Bakersfield Expedition 1/10/2013 The guys return from Bakersfield dressed in Star Trek costumes and overhear the women in their apartment arguing about comic book characters.

Top 5 Most Time-Shifted Broadcast and Cable Programs

Rank Network Program Name Episode Count % Time-Shifted
1 CW The Vampire Diaries 21 86.5%
2 CW Arrow 21 83.8%
3 CW 90210 13 83.8%
4 ABC Modern Family 20 83.6%
5 FOX New Girl 22 83.5%


Rank Network Program Name Episode Count % Time-Shifted
1 SHOW Nurse Jackie 10 90.2%
2 AMC Mad Men 12 88.7%
3 IFC Portlandia 10 88.4%
4 FX Justified 13 87.7%
5 SHOW Dexter 12 87.3%

*Based on 10+ episodes

With 2014 a couple days away what shows or events do you suspect take the top spot or will the goliath that is the Super Bowl win again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and have a great new year!

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