Start Your Winter TV Collections!

The start of the year means you’re busy with a lot of time-consuming resolutions – recording new and returning shows as Winter TV rolls around shouldn’t have to be another task to add to the list! We want you to be excited about Pretty Little Liars, Parks and Recreation, White Collar, The Big Bang Theory and all of the other shows we look forward to returning, as well as the new ones that we’ll probably test via the triple T treatment: TiVo, Try and Talk about. This means a variety of new shows like The Assets (ABC), Bitten (Syfy), Black Sails (Starz), Enlisted (Fox), Rake (Fox) and The Spoils of Babylon (IFC) (to name a few) will be peaking our curiosity, but where to begin?

In September, we brought you the Fall TV Collections where we put all of the above – as it applied to Fall television – in one place. Instead of having to be at home in time to catch a premiere or doing the research required to locate all of the shows that you want to stay up-to-date on, you can use your time to hit the gym or pick up that hobby you resolved to start in 2014. Here’s how:

Go to TiVo Central > Find TV, Movies, & Videos > Browse TV & Movies and select the Winter TV Folder under Collections.  We’ve separated the new and returning shows for you, so you can choose to begin new habits or sustain your old ones – and we encourage both. Select the Collection you wish to record and they’ll all automatically be put into your Season Passes. You’ll never miss an episode!

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  • Eva

    Interesting that I don’t have this folder… and my “What’s new” folder has cancelled shows in it like Family Tools.