TiVo Premiere Updates Are Now Available!

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For months we’ve been raving about the new TiVo Roamio and its attributes and now, TiVo Premiere owners can experience many of the Roamio features as we have completed software updates to Series 4 units.

Since our last announcement regarding the TiVo Stream’s Out-Of-Home Streaming capabilities, you’ll notice some additional changes on your TiVo Premiere UI. “What To Watch Now” is available as an option on your TiVo Central Menu, allowing you to look up the most popular shows and movies available to you via cable. If you think you need a transition period to get used to the efficiency of this feature, you’re welcome to use the filters that are now available to you in the Guide. Pressing the C button when you have the Guide open will give you the option to filter the listings by genre.

For those of you who look to speed as your driving factor, your WishList screen is now in HD and the YouTube app is faster and more easy-to-use than ever, due to HTML5 technology.

You might have also noticed that the “Browse Web Videos” option was removed from the menu. Worry not – we won’t be taking this feature away from you, web video fanatics. Rather, we simplified the process be allowing you to find web videos in Search, or using the “Web Video Hotlist”, AOL.on or YouTube apps.

Dynamic tuning for Mini is here: Four Tuner Premiere units (Premiere 4 and Premiere XL4) no longer need to “reserve” a tuner when paired with a TiVo Mini, so the tuner is a free agent when the Mini isn’t being used. Additionally, TiVo Minis now have the ability to remotely manage your Premiere’s To Do List and Season Pass Manager; a luxury that you’ll quickly begin to regard as necessity.

Finally, know that you have been heard, and that your requests, fixes and suggestions are always being taken into account! If you ever need help or are having connectivity issues, we’ve implemented a troubleshooting tool for your whole home network. Go to TiVo Central > Help > Whole Home > Streaming > Advanced Help to diagnose. Otherwise, our lines are open and we are always happy and willing to step you through it.

Enjoy your Premiere updates! Christmas came early for TiVo Premiere owners everywhere, and unlike some of the things on your family’s lists, it didn’t cost a dime.

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  • Chad

    Um, it costs me $14.99 a month.

    “and unlike some of the things on your family’s lists, it didn’t cost a dime.”

  • Rita Franz

    Yes, we have a premiere box but we do not have a HD TV. I like You Tube but with the upgrade I’m finding it hard to navigate around it. Are there instructions anywhere?

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