Director’s Chair: Brian De Palma

In the magical land of Hollywood, where cars can talk and people can fly, directors are like magicians—they inspire awe with their sleight of hand and misdirection, and when they’re done, they’ve made our money disappear. Armed with a vision (and millions of dollars), film directors create the impossible. To acknowledge their contributions, TiVo is highlighting directors of some of the most popular movies ever made in a new collection titled “Director’s Chair.”

The first director to be featured is Brian De Palma. Responsible for crime dramas such as The Untouchables and Scarface, De Palma is great at bringing to life unforgettable characters. “Say hello to my little friend” isn’t just a strange request made by someone you should probably move away from, it’s a phrase spoken by the charismatic Tony Montana (Al Pacino) in Scarface. It’s also one of the most recognizable movie quotes, having been repeated in a variety of films and television shows over the last 30 years. Brian De Palma is also great at making movies that give us the creeps. John Lithgow has never been more eerie than he was in Raising Cain, and after watching Carrie I think we all agreed that upon further reflection, our high school experience wasn’t that bad after all.

Watch all of Brian De Palma’s fantastic films by heading to TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies, & Videos” and “Browse TV & Movies” to find the “Director’s Chair: Brian De Palma” collection.

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