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Every sitcom has them, that one couple you love to watch week after week. With love for TiVo’s new Roamio™ DVR in the air, we took a look back at some of our favorite T.V. couples of the last decade.  From the surprise couple to the made for each other couple, our favorite shows have them all!

Monica and Chandler, Friends

An infamous hookup at Ross’s wedding led to a love affair like none other. Watching Monica’s strong personality meet Chandler’s hilarious, but shy demeanor left viewers yearning for more each week.  After watching Ross and Rachel go on and off breaks, it was refreshing to see Monica and Chandler have something so special.

Meredith and Derek, Greys Anatomy

These characters embarked in a one-night-stand that lead to the realization that Derek was Meredith’s new boss, which made for one interesting romance. From an estranged spouse, to multiple near death incidents, to welcoming children, this couple sure has endured some serious storms.

Summer and Seth, The O.C.

The love affair between Summer and Seth was your typical beauty and the geek scenario. Summer wanted nothing to do with Seth until he made a name for himself. Over the seasons, the tables turn and these characters hit some rocky points in their relationship. Overall though, love prevails for the couple that was meant to be.

Pam and Jim, The Office

Pam and Jim met at the infamous Dunder Mifflin paper company. Unfortunately, Pam was engaged at the time. It took awhile for these two to profess their love for each other and then act on it. Once they did, fans tuned in every week to watch a realistic fairytale romance play out.

With all of this talk of love, we have to ask – has your Roamio arrived yet? Check out its all new features so you can stay up to date on your favorite T.V. couple!



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