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It was the beginning of the end.

On Sunday night, AMC’s Breaking Bad returned for the second half of the fifth and final season, and it brought the chills and excitement that we have grown to expect from Vince Gilligan’s Emmy award-winning show.

Fans are rampant with theories about how the final episodes will play out after the premiere. It’s clear that Walter White is hardly finished with his bad side. This episode opening showed a flash-forward of his return to his now-iconic home to retrieve his latest weapon of choice, ricin. In these upcoming eight weeks, we’ll be able to watch as all of the loose ends are tied up for both Walter and his sidekick Jesse Pinkman.

And yet, somehow, as bad and morally corrupt as Walter has become, everyone seems to be rooting for him as an evil protagonist, the same way we rooted for characters like Tony Soprano. The Albuquerque-centric world of Breaking Bad has us flipped upside down – as viewers, we’re excited when Walter returns to the dark side, and irritated when he claims he’s gone clean. In the final scene of the episode, Walter has a showdown with his brother-in-law Hank, the DEA agent blinded by rage upon connecting Walter to his Heisenberg alter-ego. It was easily the highlight of the episode, watching Walter channel his Heisenberg persona and warn Hank to “tread lightly.” He’s back, ladies and gentlemen. He’s back.

And for those diehard Breaking Bad fans concerned about how they’re going to survive in eight weeks when the season is finished, there is some good news. Saul Goodman, the lovable albeit idiotic lawyer that works with Walter and Jesse, has a spinoff in development, Better Call Saul. Let’s hope it lives up to the Breaking Bad we have all grown to love.


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