Bachelorette Finale: All the Right Reasons

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After weeks of requisite crying, gushy poetry and unexpected goodbyes, it’s hard to believe this season’s Bachelorette began in the most unexpected of ways: with an original music video featuring international rap sensation, Soulja Boy.

Needless to say, Desiree’s quest for love has been a total bell curve. What started as a strong season (remember Jonathan “I take everything too far” Vollinger from night one?) quickly became one of the most underwhelming runs in show history. It’s unclear why fans weren’t as jazzed about Des and her suitors as they’ve been about past contests, but all signs point to increased competition from the Pulitzer-worthy Baby Bachelor segments on Kimmel.

But, in true Mike-Fleiss fashion, the show turned a corner in the 11th hour, when frontrunner and unofficial pomade ambassador to the United States, Brooks Forrester, revealed that he just wasn’t that into Des.

Brooks’ departure was, bar none, the first time many viewers felt an emotional connection to the show this season. Even more inspiring, though, was the melodrama-induced curiosity that carried us from last week’s cliffhanger to Monday’s final rose ceremony.

We laughed, cried and cringed our way through the three-hour finale, but at the end of the day, we couldn’t be happier that Des and Chris are engaged. Like some of our favorite Bachelor-nation couples before them – Ashley and JP, Molly and Jason and, of course, Sean and Catherine – we hope their love blossoms as beautifully off-screen as it did on national television.

Now, on to the best part – what do you guys think? Are Des and Chris in it to win it, or will they join the ranks of past Bachelorette pairings who barely made it post production?

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