#TiVoFourth Your Favorites!

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans for their favorite Fourth of July movies and the response we got was overwhelming! Some of you suggested movies that reflected the patriotism of the day. Others of you…not so much. Here’s a quick break down of the types of suggestions you sent us:



  • Salute the Flag: With all the red, white and blue of the Fourth of July, it’s not surprising that lots of users want to watch patriotic movies to celebrate. From classics like Yankee Doodle Dandee and 1776 to more modern flag waving fair like We Were Soldiers and Glory, you had lots of suggestions that will make you want to stand up and salute.
  • Fun on the Fourth: The Fourth of July is also about having fun in the summer sun so it’s not surprising that some of you want to spend the Fourth with something a bit more popcorn friendly. From Will Smith’s memorable turn as Captain Steven Hiller in Independence Day to Roy Schieder’s Brody coming face to face with Jaws, lots of you went with iconic summer flicks as your first Fourth choice. Throw in Harrison Ford telling people to get off his plane in Air Force One and C. Thomas Howell yelling “Wolverines!” in the original 1984 version of Red Dawn and you’ve got a Fourth of July with enough cinematic fireworks to last all weekend long.
  • Just Plain Wacky: Of course popcorn movies and patriotism aren’t everyone’s recipe for a successful Fourth. Some of you went deep into the catalog and pulled out some unique suggestions for your favorite Fourth of July flicks. Those folks will spend this Fourth watching classics such as 2001’s David Spade vehicle Joe Dirt, the (wrong) holiday classic A Christmas Story and the Nicolas Cage epic Con Air. Is there anything more American than the freedom to choose to watch Nic Cage any time you want?

We’ve collated all of your suggestions into a “#TiVoFourth Your Favorites” collection that will be available throughout the holiday weekend. To see the complete list , head to TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies, & Videos” and “Browse TV & Movies” to find the “#TiVoFourth Your Favorites” collection.

Don’t see your favorite on the list? Tweet us @TiVo with the hashtag #TiVoFourth and we’ll keep updating the list all week long.

Happy Fourth of July!

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