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How can you not love John Cusack? From the moment he held a boom box over his head trying to win Diane’s heart to his recent trip back in time via a mystical Jacuzzi, John Cusack’s been one of our absolute favorites. So as we celebrate his movie catalog with our “We ❤  John Cusack” collection, here are our choices for the Top 3 Cusack characters (so far):



  1. Martin Q. Blank in “Grosse Point Blank“: On Prom night his senior year of high school, Martin Blank did what most of us have only ever fantasized about…he disappeared. After spending years being trained by the military and then striking out on his own as an “independent contractor”, Blank is back in his home town for his 10 year high school reunion. Cusack makes Martin cool without being James Bond and there’s nothing better than watching him explain his career choices to his ex-girlfriend’s father.
  2. Rob Gordon in “High Fidelity“: How could you make a top 3 list and not include the list maker himself? Based on Nick Hornby’s novel of the same name, Cusack spends the movie lamenting his lost loves while his current relationship hits the skids. A classic Cusack lovable loser, Rob’s better at analyzing his life than actually living it. Plus, he delivers sage advice for all of us to follow when it comes to pop culture: You are what you like.
  3. Craig Schwartz in “Being John Malkovich“: At some point, Cusack must have been pitched the idea of playing a puppeteer who finds a door that allows him into the head of legendary stage and screen actor John Malkovich for fifteen minutes at a time. In that moment, instead of saying no, Cusack chose to say yes and a masterpiece was born. Malkovich!

Those are our favorite Cusack moments, but check out the “We ❤ John Cusack” collection for more reasons that you should ❤ him too. From TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies, & Videos” and “Browse TV & Movies” to find the “We ❤ John Cusack” collection.

What’s your favorite Cusack character? Let us know in the comments below or by using #TiVoCusack

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  • Nathan Cooley

    Love John Cusack as Lane Meyer in “Better Off Dead”

  • Debby

    Better Off Dead

  • Denise Nelson


    Vince Larkin in Con Air

    How do I live without you, indeed? (Theme song from the movie ;^} )

    He takes on the world, the bad guys AND the good guys to stand up for Nick Cage’s character which he only “believes” in, of course there is no shred of proof to go on that he is right to believe in him, figures out all of the puzzles, steals the egomaniacal DEA agent-in-charge’s awesome prize-winning car to beat the bad guys to the abandoned airport in the desert and fights them single-handedly…

    You get the picture. John at his finest; spouting sarcastic humor to die for at every turn! Yes, this is technically an action film due to all of the battles that go on but don’t let that keep you from watching this priceless performance from KIng Cusack!

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