TiVo Launches MLB.TV!

Play ball! Today, TiVo announced availability of the MLB.TV app on any of our TiVo Premiere DVRs. With this app, TiVo owning MLB.TV Premium subscribers can watch Major League Baseball games live and on demand with TiVo’s playback functions. To subscribe to MLB.TV Premium and activate your account on TiVo Premiere, please visit  MLB.com/TiVo.

The MLB.TV app on TiVo is set up to deliver game viewing and video stream in a picture-in- graphic (PIG) or an “L bar” window to view the score while watching a game. We integrated TiVo’s standard playback functions into the app, including the ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind or skip game action. “Jump to Inning” is available to allow viewers to jump back to the beginning of any inning in the game. The ability to switch between home and away broadcast feeds is also available. Other features include stats and standings, favorite team selection, schedule calendar view and live home and away radio broadcast feeds. All live video streaming is subject to blackout restrictions.

We also will offer the MLB.TV Free Game of the Day, a pre-determined game that can be watched live with a valid MLB.com account. The account can be set up at  MLB.com/TiVo.

Welcome MLB.TV to our family of apps, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu+, Pandora, Spotify, AOLOn and Flingo, by signing up on the priority delivery queue of the Quatro 2.3 service update at  http://www.TiVo.com/priority. By doing so, you can expect to see the app within 72 hours under Find TV, Movies, & Videos in TiVo Central. So subscribe to MLB.TV Premium and watch every game on your TiVo Premiere. Oh, and don’t forget the peanuts and cracker jacks.



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  • Steve

    You say here that you can get the free game of the day with Tivo. I’ve tried checking out MLB on Tivo, and the only way that I can get the free game of the day, is to have a paid account, which means that the game isn’t free. It won’t let me activate on mlb.com without buying a subscription.