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The end is nigh…at least for this season. We’ve made it easy to record all of this year’s season finales with our “Finale Season” collection. Select “Find TV, Movies & Videos”, then choosing “Browse TV & Movies”, from there select the “Finale Season” collection so you can make sure you’re recording all of this season’s crazy cliffhangers, tearful goodbyes and series enders.

But before all is revealed, here’s our top five wishlist for what we’d like to see in this year’s finales:

1. The Mother reveal isn’t all that it seems on How I Met Your Mother: With Bays and Thomas promising to reveal the long awaited identity of the mother, we still kinda hope for one last big twist. Maybe Ted’s been lying to the kids all along and Robin really is the mom or maybe, just maybe there’s no mother at all and the kids are just a figment of future Ted’s imagination. Either way, let’s hope they have at least one or two great tricks left up their sleeves before the start of Season 10.

2.  The airing of the documentary on The Office fundamentally changes everyone’s lives: For 9 years, the drones at Dunder Mifflin have been filmed by a documentary crew and as of the end of the next to last episode, that documentary has finally aired on PBS. Let’s hope the folks from Scranton can learn from their time in front of the camera. While it doesn’t seem like we’ll see Holly or Michael in the finale, we’d still love to see how the documentary effected people like Ryan and Kelly or the candle-making songstress that is Jan Levinson.

3. Somehow Eddie wins on Survivor: Caramon: His back has been against the wall since the very beginning of the game and it would just be nice to see him pull it off. A total long shot, but we’d love to see it happen. One Amigo!

4. Claire gets a job or Haley gets into college on Modern Family: We’d love for the season to end with a big win for at least one of the Dunphy ladies. Claire got close with Gil Thorpe a few weeks ago (Gil pickle, anyone?) but it didn’t quite work out. And as much fun as it is watching Haley bounce from jean salesperson to part-time tooth fairy, it’s time for the eldest Dunphy to grow up a little. Here’s hoping at the Dunphy’s biggest accomplishment this year wasn’t the self-flipping pancake.

5. At least one “jump off the couch, scream at the TV” moment from any finale this season: There’s nothing better than a moment that completely surprises and amazes the viewing audience. Let’s hope this season we get at least one moment that makes us all remember why we love TV so much.

That’s what we’re hoping for this finale season, but what are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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