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Uttered to Don by a gorgeous woman at a bar, that last line of Mad Men’s 5th season left us hanging for nearly 10 months, speculating about what will happen next. Warning: spoilers ahead!

You may have seen a little something in the news lately about Jon Hamm (aka Don Draper) or Vincent Kartheiser (aka Pete Campbell) but as far as plot details are concerned, Mad Men mastermind Matt Weiner and the cast have been pretty tight-lipped about what is to come for our friends at Sterling Cooper Draper Price (SCDP) this season. Instead, we’ve had to piece together what we think we can expect from a few show stills that were released by AMC.

  • Regardless of whether Don did or did not take his admirer up on her offer at the end of last season, Mr. and Mrs. Draper seem to be very much together: Megan and Don are seen looking cozy in shots both in New York and on what looks to be a Hawaiian vacation
  • The calendar appears to have jumped at least nine months since we left the SCDP crew in March 1967: paper snowflakes and Christmas decorations are evident in the background of some of the pictures, but the sideburns that Roger and Pete are rocking – as well as the wardrobe selection – seem to keep events timed to the late ‘60s

And don’t forget some of the dramatic turns last season took that will surely affect the lives of our favorite characters this season:

  • Lane Pryce committed suicide. This tragic event left SCDP down one name partner, but up $175,000 in death benefits, allowing the company to expand into office space on an adjacent floor
  • Peggy quit. She left SCDP and Don behind. She goes on business trips now. And one could bet that she’ll likely be competing against her former mentor for new accounts
  • Joan made partner. But she won’t soon forget what she did to get herself to the top…and we doubt Don will either
  • Megan got a break in her acting career by asking Don for help. It’s yet to be seen whether her role in the Butler shoes commercial gave her the boost she needed to make it big or if we’ll see her in more SCDP campaigns to come

But back to Jon Hamm for just a second…how funny would it be if SCDP were to pitch Jockey or Fruit of the Loom as new clients this year?

Season 6 begins with a two-hour premiere airing this Sunday, April 7th at 9pm on AMC.

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