When the party gets out of hand, it’s time to just “Party Down”

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You know the story: somebody’s parents are out of town so the kids decide to have a party. Said party goes from a few close friends and some music to something Katy Perry would sing about. It’s a formula for a visit from the cops…and some pretty great movies. With this week’s release of “21 and Over” chronicling a med student’s overzealous 21st birthday celebration the night before his finals, it seemed like a great time to take a look at some of our favorite parties that got a little bit out of hand.

The crazy party has been a staple of teenager movies since the boy in National Lampoon’s Animal House showed us how to start a food fight in the cafeteria. And while watching John Belushi pretend to be a zit is priceless, it’s tame in comparison to the epic rager that Gary and Wyatt throw with newly created Lisa in the 1985 classic Weird Science. From there, teen parties only seem to escalate with the kids in Clueless attempting to diagnose the extent of Cher’s head injury to Seth Green’s Kenny Fisher cruising a graduation party to find which lovely lady he gets to share his “Fragrance of Love” candle with in Can’t Hardly Wait. But it’s last year’s Project X that currently holds the record for the most epic of all on-screen parties. If you haven’t seen it, just imagine Caligula with a suburban hip-hop soundtrack. A tip of the red party cup to those gentlemen.

But it’s not just teenagers that can get out of hand when it comes to the perfect party. Whether it’s the innocent bachelor party gone bad in The Hangover or the our boy Blue in Old School, it’s not just the kids that pour one out to the party gods. And for the ultimate “adults gone crazy” party, we point you to the moment that Tom Cruise uses the password to enter the party in the last reel of Eyes Wide Shut. Fidelio indeed, Tom.

So even if you’re spending this Friday night on the couch at home, it doesn’t mean you can’t attend an epic party. To check out the rest of our “Party Down” collection, go to TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies & Videos”, then choose “Browse TV & Movies” to find “Party Down” under Collections. There you’ll also find a collection highlighting the winners from last weekend’s Oscars that you can watch now using your TiVo box.

What’s your favorite on-screen off-the-hook party? Tweet us using the hashtag #TiVoPartyDown


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