The Spring Show Slowdown

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If you’ve taken a look at the primetime TV schedule lately you may have noticed that some of your favorite shows are now making you wait weeks for new episodes. We know it feels like they all just came back from holiday break and now are showing repeats…again. Welcome to the limbo period between February and May sweeps, when many networks take a quick spring break to gear up for the final push toward season finales – yes, already.

If the spring show slowdown is affecting you and you have an itchy TiVo remote trigger finger, take the time to check out some of the other great things TiVo has to offer:

  • Netflix: Stream House of Cards – everybody’s talking about it – or catch up on Arrested Development before the new season starts this spring…also on Netflix
  • YouTube: Check out the latest in Harlem Shake or crazy cat videos
  • Pandora: Turn up the tunes and have a dance party
  • Amazon Instant: Rent or buy a movie – tons of new releases available!
  • TiVo Collections: Take a look at one of the many collections we put together for you to enjoy

Or, you can always just watch the episodes of “that show” you have stockpiled in your queue…we know you know what we’re talking about.

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