Spring is in the air, but Winter is Coming

Even though we passed the first official day of spring last week and we’re all hoping we’ve seen the last snowfall of the season, we can’t help but get excited when we hear the words “winter is coming.”

If you’re anything like us, you have been counting down to 03.31.13 since HBO first announced the Game of Thrones season premiere date. Finally kicking off this Sunday night, the 10-episode 3rd season is based on the first half of Storm of Swords and from what we’ve heard, it is worth the wait.

When we were last in Westeros, the Battle of Blackwater Bay was over and the Lannisters still had control over King’s Landing and the iron throne, Arya Stark was out on her own, Jon Snow was with the Wildings and the White Walkers were on the move.

The season 3 trailer – as well as HBO’s impressive dragon shadow ad campaign in newspapers and on the side of the HBO building in LA – has us watching the sky for Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons, but hasn’t told us much else. So we’re left to wait, watch and wonder:

  • Does Margaery Tyrell know what’s gotten herself into being betrothed to the sadistic King Joffery?
  • What’s to become of Sansa?
  • Can Stannis regroup after his defeat at the Battle of Blackwater Bay?
  • What’s next for the now scarred and powerless Tyrion?
  • Will Robb Stark regret following his heart and marrying Talisa?

And if the anticipation for the show itself wasn’t enough, HBO is providing fans the chance to get up close and personal with the world of Westeros through a five-city international Game of Thrones touring exhibit. The exhibit will showcase artifacts from seasons 1 and 2, as well as select pieces from the upcoming third season. It opens in the states tomorrow with a stop in New York City, followed by Sao Paulo, Amsterdam and Belfast.

Game of Thrones premieres Sunday night at 9pm Eastern on HBO with encores at 10pm and 11pm. Set your TiVo so you don’t miss a minute.

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