March Madness, Movies and Mayhem Game!

Like any highly-anticipated event, March Madness always seems as though it takes eons to get here; what’s worse is that it’s over before you can say NCAA. Worry not! There are a number of basketball-friendly movies and a game brought to you by TiVo that we think can help calm your nerves during the Big Dance.

Between the catchy theme song and the (very literally) animated characters, Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny made Space Jam the light-hearted movie that doesn’t get old. On the same light note, Woody Harrelson’s character, Billy Hoyle, will have you rolling on the floor in fits of laughter as he and Wesley Snipes hustle their way to the top in White Men Can’t Jump. For a deeper perspective on the sport, look to Hoosiers (more recently known as Best Shot) for a quality movie with a great cast, great dialogue, and a basketball-based Cinderella story if there ever was one. And if you’re not the biggest basketball fan in the house, might we suggest Coach Carter or Love & Basketball? Both are quality movies, creating a plot around a sport that’s all the rage right now. In the former, get inspired by Samuel L. Jackson as Ken Carter, insisting that his team put their books before the ball. Choose the latter to get lost in the Romeo and Juliet of basketball.

So how does college basketball compare to the NBA and the rest of the sporting world in terms of viewership? Our TiVo Research Analytics (TRA) data showed us how our viewers watched the two leagues, and how these leagues compared to the rest.
Of all of the NCAA and professional basketball events, March Madness has the highest live viewership at 86%, while the NBA Finals have the least at 75%. Regular season games prove to be no different; college basketball games are viewed by 84% of viewers live, and NBA regular season games are viewed live by 79% of viewers. This means that overall, college basketball is more frequently viewed live than NBA games. In fact, March Madness is watched live more than any other sporting event, with regular season college basketball games as a close second.
Time-shifted viewership is a different matter. At 25%, the NBA finals have the highest time-shifted viewership amongst basketball sporting events. March Madness has not only the lowest time-shifted viewership (14%) in any basketball event, but the lowest time-shifted viewership in comparison to any other sporting event. This comes as no surprise to those of us who will be eating, breathing and sleeping our brackets for the next three and a half weeks!

And if your bracket isn’t pulling through for you, you can always shoot, save and win by playing our March Mayhem Game! Any time until April 1, 2013, enter to save $10 – $25 on a TiVo Premiere DVR.


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