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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it just makes sense for us to focus on the romantic movies at our finger tips at any given moment through TiVo. Love and romance have always been central themes in cinema, even before movies had actual dialog and it was just Rudolph Valentino making silent googly eyes at women in movies like The Shiek. But ever since then, we’ve fallen in and out of love in a darkened movie theater (or our darkened living rooms thanks to TiVo) over and over and over again. Love is complicated and so we’ve decided to look at both sides of the romance coin this week with our two Valentine’s Day collections: “L’Amour” and “Down with Love”. One celebrates some of the greatest cinematic love stories of all time and the other…not so much.

In “L’Amour”, you’ll find traditional boy meets girl stories like 1967’s Barefoot in the Park where a fresh faced Robert Redford falls deeper in love with his new bride, Jane Fonda as they settle in to married life or Four Weddings and a Funeral where a floppy haired Englishman Hugh Grant finds love with American Andie MacDowell. There’s the hooker with the heart of gold who falls in love with the investment banker in Pretty Woman and the hopeless Lloyd Dobler who’s willing to do anything for the girl that he loves in Say Anything. We’ve even got less traditional love stories like the sand glass loving protagonists of Sweet Home Alabama and the star crossed lovers of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. There’s even a nod to Nicholas Sparks‘ story of unrealistic expectations in The Notebook.

It’s true that love is a many-splendored thing…except when it’s not.

There’s a whole other side of romance that leads down a road that dead ends at the intersection of Heartache Blvd. and Taylor Swift Ave. So for everyone out there who’d rather laugh at all the couples paying twice as much for a Prix Fixe menu this February 14th, our “Down with Love” collection highlights all the reasons that relationships just aren’t worth it. Fight along with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner in The War of the Roses, watch love and lust turn to murder in Basic Instinct (p.s. Don’t cross Sharon Stone) and get creeped out with the rest of us watching James Spader pull a double creepy feature in Sex, Lies and Videotape and Secretary. And if you’re a guy looking for a reason why it’s ok to be alone on Valentine’s Day, watch Nicholas Sparks‘ touching The Notebook and realize that at least you don’t have to build a house to get a woman to love you.

This year, we’ve got you covered from all angles whether it’s candy hearts or pointed daggers around your house this St. Valentine’s Day. Want to get your Valentine’s Day started early? Go to TiVo Central and select “Find TV, Movies & Videos” and then choose “Browse TV & Movies”. Here you’ll find both the “L’Amour” and “Down with Love” collections as well as “EW’s Will They/Won’t They Couples” which highlights Entertainment Weekly’s list of the top will they or won’t they couples from TV history.


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