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While some of the country is still freezing, things are definitely starting to heat up in Hollywood. Pilot season is in full swing so next season’s new shows are already getting ready to entertain you. But if those pilots are going to find a home in the schedule some of this year’s shows might have to give up their time slots. While nobody’s certain which shows won’t have a seat when the music stops in a few months, it’s never too early to start campaigning to keep our favorites.


“Smash”: On paper, “Smash” looks like a bona fide hit. An adult version of FOX’s wildly successful “Glee” with Debra Messing, Angelica Houston and Katharine McPhee seems like it would walk that tightrope between cheesy and charming with a mix of pop hits and musical numbers from the fictional production it chronicles. Unfortunately, audiences have had more fun hating the show than loving it and the Marilyn Monroe musical may never make its way to Broadway. We can’t help but wonder how “Smash” might have been different if it had stayed at Showtime where it was originally picked up.

“Happy Endings”: From the moment Alex and Dave’s wedding was interrupted by a bro on rollerblades in the Pilot, we’ve loved this show. Whether it’s Penny’s mom teaching us all to sing about our feelings or Brad and Jane competing for a job at the new coffee place to prove which one is more charming, “Happy Endings” is full of great characters, fantastic writing and the most loveable slob on TV since Joey on “Friends”. If “Happy Endings” doesn’t make it to a fourth season, we may just have to celebrate Jane’s birthday next Christmas instead. So much nog!

“Community”: Six seasons and a movie seems so far away now. Every year we’ve spent spring wringing our hands about “Community”. It’s the little show that could but that lucky streak may be running out. With behind the scenes drama (thanks Chevy!) and a much-delayed beginning of season 4 that meant the Halloween episode aired on Valentine’s Day (huh?), our time at Greendale may be coming to an end. While there’s still hope that the network won’t Britta the fall schedule by cancelling “Community”, we can still be thankful that we got to spend so much time with Troy & Abed in the morning. Of all the shows on our list, “Community” is the one that we’ll really be holding our breath for when the up fronts roll around in May.

Those are some of our favorite shows on the cancellation bubble this year. Go to TiVo Central, select “Find TV, Movies & Videos”, then choose “Browse TV & Movies” to find “Save These Shows” under Collections and see the complete list. You’ll also find our “Bizzaro Casting” collection highlighting some of the iconic movies and TV shows that almost had different stars (Pamela Anderson as Dana Scully on “The X Files”? Yep, it almost happened)

What’s your favorite show in jeopardy of ending this year? Tweet us about it using the hashtag #TiVoSTS

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