Hockey Lovers, Unite!

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The NHL lockout compromised half of our hockey season this year. For those of us who had an empty place in our hearts throughout the hiatus, the best way to fill it was with a few hockey classics! Some of the first movies that come to mind are the three in the The Mighty Ducks trilogy. Who can forget Coach Bombay and team, quacking their way into our hearts? Goldberg’s one-liners and rambling smack talk are timelessly hilarious.  And when Herb Brooks’ team finally learns to get along in Miracle after that fateful day when Mike Eruzione utters the words, “I play for the United States of America,” it still sends shivers down our spines. But the most classic of them all was none other than Slap Shot. Paul Newman (as Coach Reggie Dunlop) and the Hanson Brothers’ antics kept us amused and at the edge of our seats from beginning to end. Dunlop’s desperate measures to keep his team alive could even remind someone why they love the sport so much in the first place.

In reality, the NHL is back with a vengeance, and we’re using our Tivo Research & Analytics (TRA) data to share with you how viewers consume hockey and other related programming. At 77%, the NHL Playoffs have a higher live viewership than the Stanley Cup or the Regular season games. Relatively speaking however, the NHL has a consistent live viewership from the regular season all the way to the finals in comparison to the NBA, NFL or MLB.

Although the data shows that viewership of sporting events and time spent watching TV are negatively correlated, indicating that fanatic sports fans watch the least amount of television, they do have some other programming preferences. The Big Bang Theory was the most popular for average and minimal sports fans owning TiVo devices, but the sports fanatics preferred Saturday Night Live over any other non-Sports related show.

Get Emilio Estevez, Kurt Russell and the Hanson Brothers to guest star on next week’s Saturday Night Live, and you’d have a hockey fan’s programmed dream come true!

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