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Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday promises to be a game that we won’t stop talking about for a long time. With TiVo headquarters just down the road from the San Francisco 49ers practice facility (and new stadium), it’s hard not to come down with a case of Super Bowl fever. But while Coach Harbaugh and Coach Harbaugh are getting their teams ready for Super Bowl XLVII, we got to wondering: which team’s city has been the backdrop for the best movie or TV series? To help decide, we’ve created two collections highlighting some of the best movies and TV series ever set in Charm City or the City by the Bay.

In “Based in Baltimore”, our collection highlighting Baltimore-based content, you’ll find classic movies like Barry Levinson’s Baltimore foursome (Tin MenDiner, Avalon and Liberty Heights) as well as some John Waters gems.  If Cry-Baby and Hairspray aren’t your kind of Baltimore film, check out 12 Monkeys which features a futuristic Baltimore ravaged by a killer virus or The Replacements starring Keanu Reeves  as the quarterback of a slightly different football team. Baltimore has also played host to one of the greatest and most complicated TV shows of all time, HBO’s The Wire and was Meg Ryan’s hometown when she heard Tom Hank’s Sleepless in Seattle call in to the radio show for help.

On the flip side, our “San Francisco Stories” collection has all of our favorites set right here in the Bay Area. We’ve got everything from San Francisco thrillers like Basic Instinct and Vertigo to comedy classics like So I Married an Axe Murderer and 48 Hrs. We were visited by the crew from Star Trek in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and helped hide Whoopi from the mob in Sister Act. The City’s also been the setting for TV classics like Full House, Charmed and Party of Five. While it does make us a tad uneasy to be living in the home of The Birds (or the Mythbusters for that matter), we’ve always got Dirty Harry to protect us.

So which city is better? Well, maybe that’s something best left to the two teams on Sunday but we’d like to know what you think. Let us know in the comments below: Which Super Bowl city is the home to the best movies and TV shows?

Want to watch your favorite Baltimore or San Francisco based programming? Go to TiVo Central and select “Find TV, Movies & Videos” and then choose “Browse TV & Movies”. Here you’ll find both the “Based in Baltimore” and “San Francisco Stories” collections as well as our “Super Bowl Commercials” collection where you can watch this year’s Super Bowl ads as they’re posted to YouTube.


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