Why we are addicted to Homeland…

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It is nearly impossible to write a spoiler free post on the Golden Globe and Emmy award winning show that has had critics talking since its Fall 2011 premiere. But, we’re going to try…

Critics love Homeland, but even with all of its accolades and recognition, audiences still have not had the right introduction to the show. It was released originally when Breaking Bad was in the middle of its fourth season and the prime-time big network lineup was about to begin in late September. We must say, Season 2 is the best time to get into the best show on American television. Period.

Here are a few reasons:

#1 – The Acting

Claire Danes and Damian Lewis not only drive the show to a new height, but their on-screen chemistry is something that has not been seen in years. It has a raw and honest feeling to it that cannot be matched by any other show. Danes is a CIA agent who thinks Lewis might be a sleeper cell terrorist that has been turned, but they still share an intimacy that is out of their control.

#2 – The Executive Producers of “24” created it.. except it’s on cable.

Think of the intensity of 24, except with Breaking Bad like characters, and most of all, the freedom to curse/show graphic violence. Some of the controversial scenes in Homeland are the key elements that set it apart from the rest.

#3 – It engages in an amazing Narrative Format 

Since this is spoiler free, we cannot mention the twist in the first season, but can say that rather than the show falling apart from this big reveal, it becomes a roller coaster ride that somehow makes you even more curious to see how events will be executed.

#4 – The Music

Jazz music is part of the feeling and tone of the show. Danes’ character is always playing jazz when she is working and montages are set to jazz. Having a calm and soothing soundtrack during a moment of violence is a narrative device that goes back to film making in the 1970s.


Homeland airs Sundays at 10PM on Showtime. Season 1 is out on BluRay/DVD.

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