Fall Lineup Is In, Project Runway Is Out

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Whether coming to terms with Glee’s latest break-ups, admiring the talent of the top 16 X Factor contestants, laughing at the cupcake mishaps of 2 Broke Girls or getting your country on with Nashville, there’s no denying that fall TV is heating up. The start of a new season means time to say bye to one of our summer favorites, Season 10 of Project Runway.

Over the past 12 weeks, we watched 12 designers pack their bags, leaving four fierce contenders: Christopher Palu, Melissa Fleis, Dmitry Sholokhov and  Fabio Costa. With a budget of $9,000 and a timeline of five weeks, each designer created a line that reflected their unique point of view and aesthetics in hopes of impressing the judges and winning the grand prize of $100,000 to start a fashion line and the opportunity to sell at Lord & Taylor, along with a spread in Marie Claire magazine, a car and a technology suite.

In a season filled with unexpected departures (how can anyone forget when Andrea Katz secretly packed up in the middle of the night subsequently followed by the wacky Kooan Kosuke), viewers were once again surprised at the end of the Finale Part I when judges Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia announced that all of the remaining designers would show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week instead of the usual three. This meant more fabulous fashion for viewers and stronger competition for contestants.

For those of you who haven’t seen last night’s Project Runway Finale Part II, be forewarned, there are spoilers ahead!

While the designers scrambled to get their models runway ready backstage, Klum sparkled in a gold cutout dress as she celebrated the 10th anniversary of Project Runway. The show at New York’s Lincoln Center began with Christopher’s collection. The designer wowed audience members with innovative prints created from his mother’s x-ray and leather pieces splattered with bleach. Melissa also took a dark approach to her collection that was filled with her signature edgy style including a stunning red leather dress as her final piece. Dmitry was loyal to his organic architecture inspiration and impeccable construction skills in his chic yet wearable black, white and neon pieces. Fabio continued to show his creativity through pastel, water-colored garments that were expertly layered. Fabio’s light, and airy concept starkly contrasted the other designers’ heavier collections that were mostly black and white. After much deliberation by Klum, Kors, Garcia and guest judge Jennifer Hudson, picked Dimitry and Fabio as their top two. Dimitry was ultimately crowned winning designer thanks to his expert skills, modern vision and strong runway show.

While we wait for Project Runway to return next season, check out some of our other Thursday night favorites like Big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, and  Grey’s Anatomy!

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