TV This Week! – 8/13 – 8/17 (Shark Week Edition)

Now that The Olympics are finally over, audiences can prepare for the other biggest TV event of the summer, Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.” It’s the 25th anniversary of the most anticipated week in television and we’re about 99.9% positive it’s going to take a bite out of our productivity! Here are TiVo’s top 5 shows to look out for. (As well as a special look at the series finale of TNT’s “The Closer”).



MONDAY – “The Closer” (Series Finale) – TNT – 9PMThe Closer

Transitioning directly into the spin off “Major Crimes,” the hardest part about saying goodbye to this 7-year-old drama is Lt. Brenda Leigh Johnson. Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) has set a standard in American cop dramas through her sweet southern charm and ability to crack any and every case. It’s sad to see her leave, but we are very excited to see what Captain Sharon Raydnor (Mary McDonnell) has in store for us.


MONDAY – “Sharkzilla” – 9PM

In this kick off special, the giant Megalodon shark is exposed to the world! Scientists and the staff of “Mythbusters” team up to recreate this beast to see the true damage that it could do in a modern day ocean.

TUESDAY – “How Jaws Changed The World” – 9PM

Celebrating the release of the restored BluRay, “How Jaws Changed the World” will provide an in depth look into the cultural influence of Steven Speilberg’s film that helped revolutionize the genre of the blockbuster. Before a time of computers and graphics, TV and movie terror was created through music, camera close-ups, stylized editing and most of all, realistic props. Discover how the film continues to have a legendary influence on pop culture today.

WEDNESDAY – “Shark Fight” – 9PM

This title alone should have you on the edge of your seat and excited to see some hand to fin combat! Prepare for some unbelievable true stories from shark attack survivors and how they have devoted their lives to saving the creatures that almost killed them.

THURSDAY – “Shark Week’s 25 Best Bites” – 10PM

No anniversary is complete without an epic clip show of the best shark dives, bites and attacks. Hosted by YouTube talent Philip DeFranco (Hooking Up), we get a behind the scenes look on how all of the shows are created as well as the history of this beloved week.

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