Top 11 things to know for the “Breaking Bad” Season Finale

Walter White has officially broken bad; there truly is no redemption value for this character. Walt loves every second of it, and it seems as though this is the first time in his life he truly feels completely in charge.

Here is a spoiler filled list with the top 11 things you need to know before watching the Season 5, Part 1 finale of “Breaking Bad” airing this Sunday on AMC at 10PM EST.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead. Lots and Lots of Spoilers.

11. Gus Fring is very much dead. Half of his face was blown off in the season 4 finale; his associates though are a different story. His trusted assistant Mike is making sure that anyone involved in the Los Pollos meth brigade is getting hush money.

10. Skylar is annoying. She’s smoking cigarettes and has put the kids with Hank & Marie (who is also becoming very irrelevant).  As of now, she is “waiting for the cancer to come back” for Walt.

9. Things are going to get out of hand soon. The season began with a “LOST” styled flash forward to Walt’s 52nd birthday where he is sporting a pair of hipster glasses, a thick beard, and most of all, has hair. A waitress tells him that “Free is good” before we then see him opening a trunk with an assault rifle. The question is: Why is he carrying such big weapon for protection and who has he come back to save in New Mexico?

8. Hank is walking and got promoted. Hank’s career is only going up from here, but he cannot seem to drift away from the Fring/Heisenberg case thinking that there is one more person out there. He still has no idea that it’s Walt.

7. Vamanos Pests – the new front company that Walt and Jesse are using to cook all of their crystal meth is a pesticide company that has them cooking in the houses of customers, just brilliant. This also leads to the introduction of Todd, a blue collar but innocent employee.

6. Todd. Not such a promising employee after he shoots an innocent boy in cold blood after helping steal 1000 gallons of meth in the style of “The Great Train Robber.” In episode six, the first ten minutes test the moral grounds of Walt, Mike and Jesse. Jesse discovers that there is no way he can take this and wants out. (Little does Jesse know that Walt was the mastermind behind his ex-girlfriend’s son’s poisoning). Also, Todd calls Walt “Mr. White,” that is completely Jesse’s “thing” and should not be tolerated.

5. Walt Jr. still likes his breakfast and apparently has no interest in watching a BluRay copy of Michael Mann’s “Heat.” He and Saul Goodman have gotten very little screen time this season.

4. Lydia, who we discover is one of the primary suppliers of methylamine, knows all of the names of the people who are in prison after Gus’ death. She holds the key to many people, even though she Mike almost killed her.

3. Mike is dead. This was a sad and pivotal moment for the show because he could have gotten away, but Walt’s ego and anger pushed him to put a bullet in his chest. He was the “go to guy” of the show and the story arc for him with his granddaughter touched all of our hearts. This death WILL have its consequences, especially since he developed a friendship with Jesse.

2. Jesse must break good. Todd replaced him in episode seven as Walt’s “other cook” and has completely left Walter, even without his promised $5 million. Jesse is realizing that he did not get into this business to kill people, just to make money. He now knows that Walt has officially gone insane and will no longer stand to be his puppet.

1. Walt is now Heisenberg. In episode seven, which was brilliantly titled “Say My Name,” Walt let the audience know that he was not in the meth business, but rather “the empire business.” Vince Gilligan has been foreshadowing that ugly fall of his character. (Especially with the small “Scarface” reference he had earlier in the season).


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